Aluminium composite

Aluminium composite is a panel that make two surfaces and main layer. Main layer and surfaces can be change by the use of customers. It is available in many different colors and special patterns. High flexibility, low weight , high resistance,  and economical behaviour are the most important reason for using aluminium composite. Other reasons are here to know more about aluminium composite and chose them with no hesitation. 

aluminium composite

Features of aluminium composite

Light weight 

It has light weight. Aluminium composite has half percent of other materials. 

aluminium coposite panels

Eco friendly 


100%  of aluminium composite is recycled and returnable with a little energy. 

Easy access 


It is the first choice for architects that want to make a complex facade because it is shaped easily . It is cut, punch and drill easy too.

aluminium composite panel

Easy installation


It’s  lightweight helps us to have easy access and installation.


High resistance 


Surface of aluminium composite can be covered with material to make it highly resistant. In addition, in bad earthquakes, aluminium composite has been not easily destroyed and usually do not exist in their places. 


aluminium composit panel price
Aluminium composite panel manufacturers

Weather resistance 

In the facade usages of aluminium composite keeping your interior weather is the best option for this panel. On the other hand, keeping from dust in windy conditions is another feature. 

Sound resistance 

In this kind of panel a gap between layers makes a silence and keeps sound to not inter to your interior place. It can reduce sound that is more than 35 db.

aluminium composite panel 4*8

High quality 

It is not easily broken and makes complex shapes because it has high quality. 



It has high durability ,for example in Canada with harsh weather it’s lifetime is about 30 years and in good weather about 40years. 


aluminium panel

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