ACM Panels; Aluminum composite materials fully explained

ACM Panels

Interior decoration and exterior cladding is an essential step of commercial or custom house building. The materials being used for these applications could be considered even more critical. Though previously, some materials such as brick, wood, metal, and vinyl were the popular choice, it is now aluminum composite material (ACM panels) that has turned heads in the industry. Because of their flexibility, durability, and cost-effective material, ACM panels are now among the top choices of custom house builders and commercial applications. 

However, knowing the popularity of ACM panels is not enough for clients since they need more information about them. Therefore, for the following article, some other information such as ACM manufacturers, ACM panels installation, and their cost will be provided. But before getting to that, we need to know more about the material itself.  You can also check our other article about ACM panels to gain more information.

ACM Panels

What are ACM panels? 

Aluminum composite material panels consist of two aluminum main layers and a core. The core is sandwiched between the two aluminum layers. However, there have been some safety issues regarding the core. Since polythene is used in the base, aluminum composite panels could be highly combustible. Therefore, ACM panel manufacturers have recently tried to make fire retardant (FR) core for aluminum composite panels. For more information about the core materials, you can check Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panels. 

ٍEven though the aluminum composite panel is considered a three-layer material, there are some other coatings applied to aluminum composite material. Protective plastic film to protect the color, PDVF coating, and adhesive layers are also used in ACM panels. These are the materials that make aluminum panels durable, flexible, and lightweight, which is exceptionally essential in construction and house building. Visit Aluminum Composite Panels for more info.

Fire retardant ACM core:

As mentioned earlier, not all of the materials used in ACM panels are fire retardant. The core on an ACM panel can be extremely flammable if not handled with care. Therefore, ACM panel providers have tried other solutions for safety issues and also sticking to the government’s safety protocols. Fire resistance panels are those which have a 70:30 ratio of mineral core between inorganic materials and polystyrene. The regular cores have LDPE/HDPE minerals; however, the fire retardant cores are made up of magnesium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. Accordingly, when trying to purchase your product, be more careful about the fire safety settings of ACM panels, and ask your provider to give you more details. You can also contact our experts to give you more information about these materials.

ACM Panels

ACM Panels Manufacturers:

Choosing the best manufacturer for ACM panels is another critical step in constructing a building or doing an advertisement. Though there have been numerous companies that provide ACM panels, we will talk about a few mentionable providers. To check whether ACM panel providers are close to your location or not, you can check our article about Aluminum Composite Panels near me.

Not every one of the aluminum composite providers has been successful as 3A Composites. The company invented aluminum composite panels in the 1960s and has a rich history of providing these materials for their clients. 3A composite, located in Switzerland, has different brands such as Alucobond, Dibond, and Alucore. With more than 27 branches and 4 thousand employees, 3A Composites has proven trustworthy during its lifetime.

Withing more than a hundred ACM manufacturers worldwide, Alstrong has paved its way not only in India but also in other countries with more than 2500 employees. The company has annually 50 million aluminum composite panel productions and is still striving for more.

Other notable mentions of ACM panels manufacturers are JYI SHYANG Industria best known for its brand name Alucomat, Mitsubishi Chemicals for Alpolic, Chinese provider Alusing, Good sense, and Shanghai HuaYuan best known for Alucobest. The aluminum composite panel realm is advancing fast, and it is no surprise that we see more companies providing ACM panels. 

ACM Panels

ACM Panels installation:

Depending on your provider, ACM panels installation might be different. The straightforward installation of these materials is one of their unique features. However, there are some steps that your contractor needs to perform. For complete details, you can visit ACM Panel Installation Guide. 

  1. Measurement:

The measurement of ACM panels and the surface that it needs to be applied must be as accurate as possible. This the first step before the fabrication and production of aluminum panels.

        2. Fabrication:

The production and fabrication of ACM panels are effortless. With the use of advanced machines, aluminum composite materials are produced and shaped with your desired configuration. The flexibility of aluminum panels is a unique feature that is used mostly for cladding or decoration. 

        3. Waterproofing:

The third step of panels installation is waterproofing. Aluminum composite panels are water-resistant; however, water leakage is common among them if the contractor doesn’t seal the boards properly. 

        4. Mounting system:

The next step of panels installation is the mounting system. Before installing the panels, your contractor needs to mount a screen in which the board itself will be applied. Applying the board is the final step if aluminum composite panels installation. 

        5. Final installation:

The final installation of ACM panels could be the most crucial step. After installing a board, a matching strip will be used to fill the gap between the panels. By using the matching strip, the installation of other boards will be followed. For an easier installation, your constructor can use shims or clips as well. 

ACM Panels

Aluminum composite material features:

Aluminum composite panel is a unique material because of its premium features. Here are the ACM panels characteristics:

  • Lightweight: Aluminum composite materials is considered a lightweight composite material for construction for different purposes and applications.
  • Durability: One of the features of ACM panels is their durability. Because of this unique feature, aluminum composite materials are used in road signs, and external cladding since these applications need an extremely durable material. 
  • Easy to process: As mentioned earlier, not much effort is put to install an ACM panel. Therefore, aluminum composite installation is straightforward and effortless.
  • Color diversity: Aluminum composite material is available in different colors and finishes. Stone, wood, and metal patterns are some of the finishes of ACM panels, making these materials unique in terms of variety. 
  • ٍEnviromental friendly: Aluminum composite material is recyclable and is entirely environmentally friendly. 

ACM Panels application:

The features of ACM panels have made this material a wise choice for not only cladding and interior decoration, but also in the signage and transportation industry. Here are the aluminum panels applications:

  • Interior decoration: Aluminum composite panels are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Woodgrain finishes, natural steel surfaces, stone patterns, and metallic coating are examples of ACM variety used in interior decoration. 
  • External cladding: The quality of aluminum composite materials have made them a perfect choice for cladding. A material needs to be enduring, adaptable, and engaging for external cladding, and ACM panels are the jack of all trades. 
  • Signage: Most business people use advertisements in the city to expand their audience. However, an advertisement panel needs to be durable and charming. ACM panels are the right choice for signage since it can last for years to come.   

The application of panels is not limited to the usages mentioned above. ACM panels can be used in the main facade, canopies, false ceiling, interior partitions, beam covering, and more. Furthermore, commercial buildings can benefit from aluminum panels as well. Cladding system, identity signage, column covering are some cases for commercial buildings. To find out more about their application, you can also read Aluminum Sandwich Panel.

Aluminum composite panels have grown so much that they are being used in other industries. Recently, the transportation and aircraft industry are using ACM panels because of their stability and versatility. 

Final words:

Aluminum composite panels have been available for the past five decades. Although they had some problems initially, they are now considered to be one of the best composite materials for construction, advertisement, decoration, and more. The fire safety concern has been a problem for the last few years; however, providers have successfully integrated mineral materials in the core. Therefore, the fire safety issue is not a dilemma anymore. The quality of aluminum composite materials has made it desirable to be utilized in different applications. ACM panels are not stopping to develop, and you can see various applications and usage day by day. Finally, you can either contact our support team by using the chat button below or visit Aluminum Panel for more info.

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