ACM Wall Panels; Introducing the Most Common ACM Application

ACM Wall Panels

The world of construction has evolved for the last recent decades. The latest progress of aluminum composite panels has made it possible for a variety of applications, including ACM wall panels. Some unique features, structural properties, and a great choice of color are just some of ACM wall panels’ qualities. In general, aluminum composite panels have been around for more than six decades. It seems that their growth and progress still continue. To know more about these products, you can visit our main page about aluminum composite panels.

ACM wall panels can be the topic of discussion for the following paragraphs; however, to know more about aluminum composite materials, we will at first give you a glance at its history and why they are so popular. Then, we’ll move to the qualities and features. Finally, we can talk more about ACM wall panels fabricators and the final price.

ACM Wall Panels

How did ACM wall panels start?

If we want to know more about ACM wall panels, we need to move to the 1960s, when the first company started producing aluminum composite materials. The very first ACM wall panel producer was 3A Composites. The company had the patent for making the materials for more than three decades. After gaining popularity and being the best ACM panel producer, other companies also started the production line of ACP materials. From the 1990s till now, aluminum composite panels have always been the first choice for custom house builders, constructors, and architects. 

The production of ACM wall panels has not been without any problems, though. Aluminum composite panels have had issues regarding their core material and fire behavior. The core materials that have been used with aluminum composite panels were mostly polyethylene. Nonetheless, the fire behavior of these elements is not as great as fire-retardant cores. Thus, most countries have either entirely banned PE as the core material or have restricted them for one or two-floor buildings. Most ACM wall panel manufacturers have started producing fire-retardant materials such as mineral-filled cores to solve the issue. Another choice would also be honeycomb cores since they provide exceptional durability. 

The long-lasting history of ACM wall panels proves that they are trustable and worthy. Aluminum composite panels have been active for more than six decades in the realm of construction. For more information about these materials, you can also check out our other article about visit Aluminum Sandwich Panel.

ACM Wall Panels

Why are ACM Wall panels beneficial?

Not every construction material can be applied to wall panels, sidings, facades, and cladding. The material has to provide features that are hard to find in any other construction elements. ACM wall panels have those features that each customer can apply in various applications:


This must have been clear by now that aluminum composite materials have rigidness and outstanding durability. In other words, rigidness is an essential feature for wall panels, facades, and cladding materials. The durability of aluminum composite panels has been made possible using correct and precise structural properties, including the core and the coating materials. 

Different shapes:

Another feature of aluminum composite panels is their availability in different shapes. Although ACM wall panels have proven to be rigid, their flexibility has shown to be quite useful and beneficial. For instance, one of the applications of aluminum composite panels is for roofs that require flexibility and the usage of different shapes. You can visit our other article in which we have entirely explained ACM sheets and their advantages. 

Different Colors:

Apart from the different shapes that aluminum composite panels provide, ACM wall panels are also available in various color choices, which mostly suit people with different tastes. One of the color choices accessible to clients is solid colors. Solid colors are the main production line of ACM wall panels which offers the best quality with simplicity. On the other hand, there are pre-fabricated colors. Pre-fabricated colors suit people who want to have more variation. For instance, there are some patterns such as metallic, marble, mirror, and more. Most clients, however, prefer to print their own set of colors and designs for themselves. This has also been made possible by aluminum composite panels. 

The final option for colors is corporate ones. Corporate colors are specifically designed for those who are in business and want to have a unique range of colors for business purposes. Corporate colors in ACM wall panels are also another reason that they can be applied in advertisement panels. 

ACM Wall Panels

What are the other qualities of ACM Wall Panels?

Being rigid and available in different shapes and colors is not the only factor defining aluminum composite panels. Nonetheless, other factors such as water and chemical resistance and insulation properties are unique to modern age construction materials. The structural properties mentioned earlier also play an influential role in providing these qualities. 

In order to be water-resistant, aluminum composite materials need to be carefully installed and sealed. In other words, the installation process of ACM panels is crucial for being water-resistant. Hence, it is vital to have a decent installer for your project. You can further check ACM Panel Installation for more information. 

The insulation properties offered by aluminum composite panels can be exceptionally useful for applications such as wall siding, partitions, and false ceilings. Combining the insulation feature of ACM wall panels with double-glazed windows can also improve the quality of your project and even your life.

Where to find ACM wall panel fabricators?

Finding the ACM wall panels fabricator or provider is not challenging, yet finding the best one can be so. There are a variety of methods to find the best one. The first one is to search on google. By searching aluminum composite panel near me, you will find the nearest possible aluminum composite materials. Furthermore, you can contact our experts and support team to give you more information about our latest offers. 

Keep in mind that more than 200 ACM wall panel fabricator and leading supplier are today available in which you can find more information in Aluminum Composite Sheet Supplier.

ACM Wall Panels

Our Verdict on Aluminum Composite Panels: 

Aluminum composite materials have proven to be the most reliable material for the construction industry. The lifetime of ACM wall panels has been more than six decades, and their substantial contribution to the industry continues. Within this article, we mentioned one of the most common applications of aluminum composite panels. We further explained why it is useful to use them in your project. To find out more about them, we recommend visiting Aluminum Composite Panels. You can additionally contact our support team for more in-depth details about one of the best construction materials available now. 

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