ACP Aluminum; Make Your Construction Easier with Aluminum Composite Panels

ACP Aluminum

The construction industry has been thriving in providing outstanding designs and elements to customers and clients. This success has been achieved by using noteworthy construction materials. Even though custom house builders or engineers use various construction elements in a project, no other material can compete with aluminum composite panels (ACP Aluminum) due to their high quality and great features. Aluminum composite panels have different names. For instance, because of their sandwich structure, they are also called aluminum sandwich panels. Still, for this article, we refer to them as ACP Aluminum. For more details and a quick look at these construction materials, you can visit aluminum composite panel.

ACP Aluminum consists of basically two necessary layers: The aluminum layer and the core. The core is placed between the two aluminum layers. In other words, the core is sandwiched between those layers, which has given ACP aluminum exceptional qualities. The structural properties of ACP Aluminum also vary depending on the user’s application. For instance, there are some differences between polyethylene core and fire-retardant cores where you find more information in visit Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panels. This article will talk more about ACP aluminum composite panel and its applications, such as ACP Cladding. 

ACP Aluminum

The History of ACP Aluminum:

To talk more about ACP Aluminum, we need to know about its first years. 3A Composites was the first company to produce and invent ACP Aluminum in the 1960s. Due to its massive success, the company had the patent for more than two decades. Then, at the beginning of the 1990s, the patent was over, and more companies started to produce ACP materials. After the mass production of ACP Aluminum, the demand grew instantly, and more and more construction projects used aluminum composite panels. The growth of ACP aluminum has not yielded since then. Today, more than 200 major companies are active in the production of aluminum composite materials. For more information, you can visit our in-depth article about aluminum composite manufacturers. 

The history of ACP Aluminum has not been so quiet. There have been some controversial issues regarding the fire safety of the materials. Since some of these panels use polyethylene (PE) as their core material, a few countries have abandoned PE use. According to those governments, PE is vulnerable to spread fire instantly and can cause considerable damages to buildings. This situation rises more when talking about ACP aluminum cladding for exterior usages. However, for internal use or one to two-floor buildings, applying PE ACP aluminum is not an issue. 

The PE core problem is not an issue anymore. What makes aluminum composite sheets more interesting is the fire-retardant cores. Most manufacturers nowadays have started producing fire-retardant cores for the core material. This has again begun the growth of aluminum composite panels. Fire-retardant cores include mostly mineral-filled ones which have exceptionally high-quality. 

ACP Aluminum

What are the features of ACP aluminum?

The features of aluminum composite panels are an integral part of these materials. While trying to have the best possible material for your construction, you need to know the characteristics to make the best possible choice. For more in-depth information, you can visit ACM Panels. However, we try to mention some of the essential features of aluminum composite panels here as well:

  • Insulation:

    The insulation feature of aluminum composite sheets has helped them apply in wall partitions and ACP aluminum cladding. Heat and sound insulation is a critical aspect of construction, especially in cold areas such as Canada. 

  • The price:

     Aluminum composite panel price is so cost-effective that you will probably be surprised when comparing them to other construction and decoration elements. For more details, please visit ACP Panel Price, where we have explored the affecting factors that can decide the ACP aluminum price. 

  • The Weight: 

    Aluminum composite panels have a unique structure, promoting them to be incredibly lightweight. The weight is most considerable in other industries, such as aircraft and transportation, where ACP panel usage is also recognized. 

ACP Aluminum

  • The Color

    : ACP aluminum offers various color choices for different purposes. If you want to use aluminum composite panels for your construction, you can check solid colors. Solid colors are suitable for those who prefer simplicity and a charming design at the same time. Furthermore, you can customize the panel design by using your ideas. That’s why other textures, such as marble, wooden, metal, and mirror, are also available.

  • Corporate colors: 

    Corporate colors are suitable for those who are involved in a business. Therefore, for advertisement or designing a new logo, you can use ACP aluminum’s corporate colors. One of the advantages of corporate colors is their price, which will not affect your business massively. 

  • Durability:

    By using the right structural properties, aluminum composite panels can offer reliable durability for years to come. The rigid and robust materials are necessary for each construction project, and ACP aluminum provides these features at its very best. 

  • Flexibility: 

    Finding a material that provides both durability and flexibility at the same time is not easy. However, ACM Panels have done the job by being the jack of all trades for every possible situation. That’s why ACP aluminum cladding is so popular among designers. 

ACP Aluminum

ACP Aluminum Cladding:

One of the most well-known applications of ACP aluminum is cladding. Cladding is the coverage of exterior parts of a building for better durability and insulation features. ACP cladding can be used both in hot or cold conditions. Therefore, Canadian people can use aluminum composite panels as their primary cladding material. You can visit “How to pick the right siding material for the Canadian climate” for more information.

The usage of aluminum composite panels is not limited to cladding. The number of aluminum composite material applications are so diverse that talking about it requires another full article. However, we suffice to say that ACP Aluminum can also be used for interior decoration, wall partitions, false ceilings, advertisements panels, and more. Additionally, aluminum composite panels have been used in other areas such as transportation, stations, aircraft, and industry. 

ACP Aluminum

The Verdict:

The process of building construction or a custom house is not easy; however, you can make it more satisfying by choosing the correct construction material. One of the ideal elements for construction can be aluminum composite panels. Though these materials are known by various names such as ACP aluminum or Sandwich panels due to their structure, their usage is still the same. 

Initially, ACP Aluminum was mostly restricted for two reasons. The first one was the patent discovery by 3A Composites. The second one was the aluminum composite cladding ban due to their fire behavior. However, The problem has faded nowadays. More companies have started to produce aluminum composite sheets and transform them into panels for construction purposes. More than 200 major companies are now active in this industry, and the growth of aluminum composite panels is now definite. It is estimated that aluminum composite materials will grow by 6% in 2022. For more information, you can visit Aluminum Composite Cladding. or call our experts. Wiedehopf experts are available anytime. Make sure to contact us for more info. 

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