Aluminium composite panel manufacturers


Aluminium composite panel manufacturers

A long time ago, building facades used wood, cement , concert, stone and brick. Today, new material is required and an improved  aluminium composite panel.The first company was founded in 1969 ,in Germany and a big revolution in building industry happened,therefore, growing up in the world such as, China, Emirates Arab, Russian . The main mine of aluminium is in china , so,it’s an important reason that Aluminium composite panel manufacturers are growing up in China. Some important features of  Aluminium composite panel manufacturers  are :

fire resistance

Light weight
Iow price
Easy to install
Easy to care
Some important brands and Aluminium composite panel manufacturers.


Aluminium composite panel manufacturers


DERACP is a known  Aluminium composite panel manufacturer in China.

DERACP’s Aluminium composite panel manufacturers fire proof construction material

  • Interior decoration fireproof :

Fire-resistant aluminium plastic plate is made of flame retardant core material ,that has the material to be able process easily:

Super peel,Impact resistance, Super time skill,Uniform color diversity of coating

  • 4 mm Fireproof Aluminium Plastic Plat

    some uses of aluminium plastic panels :

    We can use it in most places because of good characteristics (fire prevention,easy install,super peel) curtain wall plate, balcony, advertising sign, wall decoration panel Interior are good suggestions .

  • B 1 Class Fire Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel

Some advantages are durable, economic, heat fuel, Eco friendly and etc.

  • 3 mm Fire Resistant Composite Panel

Some usage are :
Good plasticity, impact resistance, can reduce building load, good shock resistance. Good leveling, light
and strong.

Fireproof outdoor wall panels

Some advantages are: without color fading, outdoor life up to 10 years. without cracking, Good adhesion, the aluminium film never separates from the core material. I have been introduced other products in summary for more information join DERACP.Com

Aluminium composite panel manufacturers

Anti-static aluminium composite panels

  • Aluminium composite panel with good anti-static ability
  • Aluminum Composite Panel with surface resistivity below 109
  • 4 mm anti-static aluminium plastic plate
  • Various panel colors made of anti-static aluminium
  • High quality anti-static aluminium plastic plate
  • High gloss aluminium composite panel
  • 3 mm anti-static aluminium plastic plate
  • Composite panel of anti-static aluminium

Antibacterial surface aluminium composite panel

Aluminium Honeycomb Panel used for building exterior walls. Some advantages are: heat and sound insulation, light and strong ,good shock resistance, suitable assembly and short construction duration, and etc.It’s contain 8 models:

  •  Antibacterial mildew resistant Aluminium Composite Panel for construction
  •  Mildew resistant aluminium composite panel
  •  Anti-bacterial Aluminium Composite Panel mold-proof for interior decoration
  •  4 mm High Quality  Aluminium Composite Panel Antibacterial Mold
  •  High quality anti-bacterial mold Aluminium Composite Panel
  •  Good antibacterial properties of aluminium composite panel
  •  High quality 3 mm Aluminium Composite Panel antibacterial mold
  •  Panels made of aluminium with an antibacterial surface.

High glass Aluminium composite panel manufacturers

a new type of building decoration screen panels. It has royal quality, variety of color ,fire resistance ,and etc. Some usages are curtain wall, reconstruction of old buildings, advertising boards , purification and dust prevention engineering.

Mirror Aluminium composite panel manufacturers

Mirror Aluminium Sheets point to the side of the aluminium alloy panel and are polished as a mirror Exterior wall building materials.

  • Architectural material mirror Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Aluminium Plastic Mirror Board For Interior Decoration
  • 4 mm Aluminium Composite Mirror Panel
  • Aluminium Composite Panel mirror with good image effect
  • Aluminium Composite Panel high quality mirror
  • 3 mm Aluminium Composite Mirror Panel

Aluminium composite panel manufacturers


Alusign is an individual manufacturer of aluminium composite panel .


  • Brushed Aluminium Composite Panel panel series
  • Mirror Aluminium Composite panel series
  • PE coating aluminium composite
  • PVDF coating aluminium
  • Sparkle Aluminium Composite panel series
  • Wooden Aluminium Composite panel series
  • High glass aluminium composite
  • Fireproof aluminium composite
  • Sign board aluminium composite
  • Marble Aluminium Composite panel series
  • Nano aluminium composite panel
  • Metallic Aluminium Composite panel series
  • Aluminium corrugated core panel
  • Aluminium profile for Aluminium Composite panel
Brushed Aluminium Composite panel series

Brushed aluminium composite panel made of two sheets of corrosion resistant aluminium always bonded to polyethylene core material. The surface of the front aluminium is brushed finish, including two kinds of brushed finish. It is used for indoor decoration like bathroom ,kitchen ,balcony.
Advertisements board.

Reconstruction of old buildings.

Power full materials in industrial goals.

Mirror Aluminium Composite panel

Aluminium Composite panel manufacturer offers a series of Mirror Aluminium Composite  Panel, which is made by skillful experts using the quality permitted material and advanced technique.

PE coating aluminium composite

An important point is that only the front of the panel is coated with PE (Polyester) .

PVDF coating aluminium

an aluminium composite panel is the same product  with it.

Sparkle and wooden Aluminium Composite panel series

the quality of Both of them is high.


It was founded in1998 by Alice Zhang-the. The company has a total of 11 extrusion production lines, a fully automatic oxidation electrophoresis production line, a vertical and horizontal spray production line, a different advanced production support, processing and testing tools.


Aluminium composite panel manufacturers

Aluminobond products

  • Aluminium corrugated composite panel
  • PVDF Coated
  • PE Brushed ,high glass ,marble and wood
  • Mirror
  • PE Plain
  • PE Sparkle
  • PVDF Fireproof

Aluminium corrugated composite panel

Aluminium corrugated core board , is an improved honeycomb panel .  environmentally friendly and fireproof make it as metal and no plastic pieces. The patented three-dimensional physical structure, the volume of aluminium used was small.

PE high glass

It has the features of excellent surface flatness and smoothness, various uniform colors, simply cleaning, fire-resistance and can be easily processed.

Some advantages are:

  • Super peeling strength
  • Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
  • Pollutant resistance
  • various colors
  • Fireproof
  • heat and sound resistance
  • Superior impact resistance 
  • Lightweight and easy to process
  • Easy to maintain, self-clean

Anodic oxidation of the aluminium  makes the High gloss mirror finish . It makes the aluminium surface as  bright as a mirror.

PE sparkle

The Sparkle Aluminium Composite Cladding is a kind of aluminium plastic plate. The pearl scent series has many colors.

PE Brushed and wood

Brushed Aluminium Composite Panel’s structure is composed of two aluminium sheets coupled unto polyethylene material core.


FR is a new Fire Rated Aluminium Composite Panel composed of 2 layers of aluminium sheets ,FR is an innovative Fire Rated Aluminium Composite Panel composed of 2 layers of aluminium sheets and fire retardant core (non-combustible mineral core) . mm

vanco panel

vanco aluminium composite panel manufacture has a professional team with more than 10 years .some important characteristic of vanco product are fire proof and non-combustible high standard fire  safety panels which are widely used in the construction field ,mostly for wall cladding ,advertisement industry in form of billboards and sign boards ,etc. they offer regular aluminum composite panel and copper composite panels manufactured in their production addition processing of composite panels such as,cutting, CNC machine operations,and installation of the accessories.

some product are :

  • fire-rated aluminium panel
  • PVDF and PE aluminium composite panel
  • brush , wooden and marble model of panel
  • metal composite panel
  • billboard
  • aluminium coil

Aluminium composite panel manufacturers

fire rated aluminium

fire-rated are made of two aluminium sheets that are bonded to a thick internal core.the core is made of fire retardant also contains a small percentage of polyethylene(PE).in short, this product is a popular wall decorative composite material that is widely today, that has excellent surface flatness and smoothness ,high temperature resistance ,super peel resistance. highly recommended for usage of this panel is for these reason

PVDF panel

PVDF composite panel is a light weight material which has low and high temperature resistance ,consequently, it is widely used in building exteriors as walls.

brush,wooden and marble models of panel

These 3 models have nearly the same properties for example ,super peeling power fullness, extra hardness ,lightweight character ,good temperature adaptability ,heat and sound insulation ,easy manufacture ,easy to clean ,maintenance and handling.

metal composite panel

A metal composite panel is a kind of popular wall decoration that has different type ,thickness and different to clarify ,all the metal panels are made by bonding two metal sheets upon a thick internal core made up of polyethylene(PE). s, stainless and copper composite panels are popular types that have similar structure.

How to choose good aluminium composite panel manufacture?

The quality of aluminium composite panels on the market is different, you should know exactly which one you want.


The thickness of these panels are different.if, you should choose the right thickness for special projects like interior decoration which thicknesses are an important factor, therefore be careful and make the right choice with the measuring device.

2.the nature

Another topic is check the selected plate is iron or aluminium therefore ,choose it with a little magnet.

3. surface

On the other hand a smooth surface is a major point.the surface shouldn’t have any ripples ,bubbling, shelter and scratches.


PE is one of major raw material for making aluminium plastic board for recognize it break the side of panel if ,it is break easily ,it shows that it is not PE material and its fake and not liable.for choose a real PE  panel you can burn a little side if,it is a real PE material it should be completely burned if it is doped with fake materials and has impurities after burning.

5.color quality

scrub two panels if they lose color due to collision they do not have quality .

6.impact resistance

impact resistance reflects the coating and its resistance to impact and deformation of aluminium panels and core materials aluminium composite panels should not be stripped or cracked under 50 kg .cm energy impact.

sum up

aluminium composite panel has a wide verity of properties for different tastes and some times it is difficult to choose from so many product therefor,specification that you want to exactly choose ,especially in terms of thickness and sex.

SOURCE Aluminium composite panel manufacturers

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