Aluminium composite panel price


aluminum composite panel price


Aluminium composite panel is a panel that has 3 layers. The main layer can be changed by the use of costumer. Aluminium composite panel has many different manufactures with different types. Some of characteristics are lightweight nature, longevity, nice price, easy to cut, drill ,punched and etc. This characteristics can effect on aluminum composite panel price manufacturers. On the other hand, it has many different models of manufactures that can confirm aluminum composite panel price for example: PVDF and PE coating, fire resistant, mirror and high gloss, brushed, and many more. All the characteristics that we says above can change aluminum composite panel price. To know more about this title come with us. 



aluminium composite panel price


Why these features can make the aluminum composite panel price affordable  ?

Aluminium composite panel characteristics are different and effective in price. We will name them for you  

  • Light weight  
  • Stability  
  • Various colors 
  • Verity of surface coating  
  • Fire proof  
  • Different main layer  
  • Heat ,cold  and sound resistance  
  • High flat and smoothness 

In addition of above characteristics another factor can affect in aluminum composite panel price  like raw materials, thickness and cost of labor. 

We talk about them more. 

  • Lightweight  

Aluminium composite panels have light weight naturally. Per sheet weight is about 5 kg. in compare with stone, glass and cement is very low. So, using this panel is beneficial for industrial purposes. On the other hand, light weight can reduce pressure for whole body of building because it can extend the life of building. light weight can delete extra installation so, aluminum composite panel price is affordable.

  • Durability

    another important factor to choose these panel is durability, in case of other means that how old this panel is used. So, the longer the material used are, the more economical viable they are. Consequently durability character can save your money because its not needed to replace and change the indoor tools .therefor , we can say aluminium composite panel price is nice.

  • Variety of colors 

Available in many colors and pattern is another advantage exactly for interior design. Use this panel for designing your room can delete more extra costs like painting and paper wall. By using this wall you have good resistance of sound and weather on the other hand hitting two birds with one stone. 


  • Fire resistance  

Fire proof is a major factor. use of fire proof for interior design and exterior wall decoration or facades can keeping  your life from danger . In one fire accident maybe all the materials will burn beside endangering life of people. So we can choose another facades materials but we cant forecast the going on . In front of whole your life, the price of aluminium composite panel is very nice. 

  • High resistance 

Every year we pay a lot of money for Bills such as, water , gas and etc. Using a material to save heat in winter and cold weather in summer days is very valuable. By using aluminium composite panel have easy life. in addition ,safe your building in earthquakes. so, aluminium composite panel price can save your life.

Besides of these characteristics which factor can affect the price of aluminium composite panel? 


  •  Which one PE Or PVDF Coating  

Aluminium composite panel manufacturers have different surface covering . according to coating, Its paint surface divided to two cases PE (polyester)coating and PVDF (fluorocarbon) coating. The different between this two are as follows  

  1. PE coating has protective and decorative characteristics. PE coating is a kind of sheets that is anti- UV. This panel can reduce attacks of wind ,snow ,rain ,frozen and etc. It’s use in indoor and out door design, billboard and sign board and etc. 

2. PVDF coating is rich color surface that doesnt destroy easily. It is make for places that has harsh weather conditions. So it is suitable for outdoor that has bad storm, the panel with PVDF surface can last for several decades. In addition, fluorocarbon has high grade appearance but also has appreciation value and has high protection of building. 

PE and PVDF coating are the same in making roll, the only difference between PE and PVDF coating is coating. Fluorocarbon coated aluminium coils have more stable chemical properties than polyester coated aluminium coils. The places that have been used is the same but fluorocarbon coated aluminium coils have a much longer used life. The fluorocarbon coated aluminium coil has better stability and weather resistance. 


aluminium composite panel price


Core material of aluminium composite panel is different 

(Direct and indirect material) 

To make ACP  2 kinds of materials are effect on the finish aluminium composite panel price , at first direct material and in direct material. Direct material is a important part of the panel. On the other hand, materials that has been used for complete the product but because of low amount of that in product can not delete like glue. Aluminium composite panel has made of two kind of materials clinker ( hard brick) and raw material. Clinker is expensive and raw materials are cheap. The aluminium panel has expensive price making by clinker that received accepted from national enterprise index. The aluminium panels that make by raw materials are cheap and it doesnt meet the target of national enterprise because it is broken easily 

Thickness of aluminium composite surface panel 

As above saying later, the usage of aluminum composite panels are wide. The thicknesses are is in need of costumers and cases. For example exterior wall and advertisements board that coating with fluorocarbon(PVDF) or polyester (PE) . The thickness should be above 0.2 mm until 4 mm. Indoor usage of aluminium composite panel can not be less than 0.1 mm to 3 mm. For building curtain walls panel the minimum thickness of upper and lower aluminium sheets less than 0.5 mm and total thickness should be more than 4 mm. 

Interior and exterior usages  

If we want to use aluminium composite panel for indoor and decoration can pay lower prices because, usually, the surface of these panels are PE. PE (polyester) surface coating is cheaper than PVDF (fluorocarbon) coating. On the other hand, exterior used have high price because the surface is PVDF. Such as facades and billboard that both of them need hardness and high care. 

Transfer costs 

Another cost is transport cost. Cost of Transportation is an important part of the finished product price. The More distance the project from the company , the more expensive manpower. Hence, labor rates, transport cost, and taxes are all affected by the project’s geographical location and need to be accounted for. 


aluminium composite panel


What are the factors involved in the cost or cost of the product? 

The main factors that make up the cost are the following three categories, of which raw materials and wages are divided into direct and indirect groups: 

  • Raw material 
  • Wages 
  • Over load 
    we talk about  raw materials later ,so other are: 

Labor costs effect on total  price 

Salaries and wages paid for the production of goods and the change of goods to workers are regarded as production wages. . The wage is also divided into two parts according to the relation of the thing produced: direct wage and indirect wage. 

Direct wage: It is a wage paid for work that is directly spent on change raw materials into manufactured goods. 

Indirect wage: A wage that is paid for work that does not directly affect the manufacture and composition of the manufactured goods, such as the salaries of the guards and factory workers, etc. Consequently, To make aluminium composite panel by machine in a company has a lot of costs that effect on finish product price. If the costs is higher ,the price will be higher. Labor cost is one of the usual costs. If workers have work in difficult conditions , they should receive more payments and this will makes the price of manufacture being high. 

How Over head cost affect on aluminum composite panel price ? 

What is an overhead? All costs happen during making roll ,but which cannot be directly and specifically related to items of production or to a special product are named as factory costs or other costs Specific examples of these costs, materials Indirect production, indirect wage, repair and depreciation cost of machinery, insurance cost and other similar materials. 

Conclusion :

Above all, aluminium composite panel price is a affordable price, because of above reasons that we talk about them later. Another reason is safety. We can not choose money beyond money or Safety because nothing can recover safety. Aluminium composite panel price is affordable because with use of one material, all you need is for you, for example, you want to cover your wall( indoor or outdoor ) so, you have nice wall with high resistance of heat and cold weather and of course sound, it’s amazing. 

At least, durability characteristics can tell us don’t hesitate to choose aluminium composite panel. By choosing this material for your building and your room be calm for 3 decades. 

hope you enjoyed reading this text.

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