Aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panels

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Housing is one of the basic human needs. Architectural or buildings technology is the use of technology design of buildings. It is part of architecture and engineering of building. Aluminium composite panels are New materials that create new designs. Challenges and methods of construction has been growing up during the evolution of building especially industrialisation in the 19 century. Cement, wood and steel were usual materials in building.


Today modern architecture and materials are more creative when designing the building. One material that specifically relieves the process is aluminium composite panel. In 1969, aluminium composite panel invented in Germany. It became known in the world such as China, Russia and United Arab Emirates. In 2005, aluminium composite panels products were grown up to 16 million meter square in the Europe.

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Aluminium composite panels


What is aluminium composite panel?

Aluminium composite panel is a mixture of 3 layers. Consists of two thin coil coated aluminium sheets bonded to a non aluminium core. Main layer can be made of different materials by type of user, Politely, Polyurethane or minerals. Sandwich panels or aluminium composite panels are used in applications where a combination of high structural inflexibility and low weight is required . the upper aluminium panel is painted, it has superior surface resistance. However, their good insulation characteristics, their facilities, quality and appealing visual appearance, have resulted in a growing and popular use of the panels across a huge variety of
Some of the main reasons are lightness, strong and easy to install and range of colour. Decorative aluminium composite panels are great options for covering because of their diverse designs and high colour resistance.

Aluminium composite panels also used in many different places , for example:

Building facade

Today have a nice facades is important, ACP is the most common choices. One of the goals of managers today is to have locker buildings like, the tower of Al Arab, symbol of Dubai, Al-Arab Hotel, and Mitsubishi factory building, Al- Nasr towers in Doha, Qatar and other examples.


Aluminium composite panels


Indoor and outdoor

If you’re child neighbour’s don’t let you have a little sneeze covering your walls with ACP and see dreams!

Reconstruction of old buildings

To have a good and healthy life you can change the decoration. with ACP all of your room have a new design and different types with each other because various of the types and colours.

Advertisement bards and sign boards

Now a days you cannot see the impact of advertising. If you start a new business being seen with a little money by ACP all over your city.In addition you can have a light billboard with bold letters for long years.

Air port, train stations and bus stations

Aluminium composite panel is warm resistance, usually air ports, bus stations and train stations needs roof for passengers and vehicles. So, ACP is a best option.

Shopping mall, hotels, exhibition

All of these places needs big saloon, as you know one of ACP properties is variety of size and shapes. Hotel managers want to make a silent places, warm and stylish so, aluminium composite
panels can do it well.

Tunnel-metro stations

Aluminium composite panel can give you a huge tunnel without any restrictions. Another thing because of light weight we have no matter about snowy days exactly in Torontofor cleaning the tunnel roof.
• Machine covering
• Container construction


Aluminium composite panels



Now, we want to talk about why use aluminium composite panels. Some advantages of using aluminium composite panel are:

Light weight
High shear ability
Various types of colour, shape and size
Fire resistance
Envier mental protection
Economical choice
Sound resistance
Shock resistance
Un breakability

Light weight

Aluminium composite panels are made of aluminium and high quality plastic that has a light weight. Therefore, aluminium composite panel has a light weight among other materials. For example , per sheet aluminium composite panel has a weight about 8.5kg per square Metres. Between stone and glass, and cement is the most lightest among them all. Aluminium facades are about 90percent lighter than granite stone, 85% lighter than cement and 75% lighter than glass and 50% lighter than ordinary sheets.

High shear ability

Aluminium composite panels can be cut, folded, drilled, bent , perforated without losing structural integrity.


Aluminium composite panels


Variety of colour

Unlimited colours and designs are available. Architecture can use different colours and shapes in their designs. more than 150 colours to choose from, Solid, Iridescent, High Gloss, Wooden, Granite Marble, Brushed, Mirror, Sparkle, Metallic, Chameleon , etc. In addition, customized colours are also available for customers.

Fire reaction

These are inflammables materials. Fire retardant composite aluminium sheets consist of a layer of aluminium foil at the bottom and top, a non-organic flame retardant composite, and other nanometre-sized fireproof materials in the center of the panel. In another model, they have different fire behaviour, opposition and submission, depending on: the
foam, the material thickness, the coating, etc. The user will need to choose between the different aluminium composite panels types relaying on the requirements. Research by the Association of British Insurers and the Building Research Establishment in the UK highlighted that “sandwich panels do not start a fire on their own, and where these systems have been
implicated in fire spread, the fire has often started in high risk areas such as cooking areas, subsequently spreading as a result of poor fire risk management, prevention and containment measures”.




Envier mental protection

It is easy to clean and returnable and it doesn’t Pollute the environment. therefore, it is eco friendly.

Economical choice

They are very cost effective choice for building facades. easy installation and fixation and maintenance cost is very low. Due to the special feature of aluminium, it is possible to clean water contaminants, so the cost of cleaning is very affordable.


Fluorocarbon coated aluminium composite panel, durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, pollution resistance and other characteristics.


sandwich panels afford an extra flat to make high trust for customers and architecture with high resistance to distortion and deflection.

Sound resistance

They provide excellent warm and sound insulation. Since the core plate is a corrugated arc type, a curved surface reflection is generated on the sound wave, and the acoustic wave coupling between the panel and the back plate is eliminated, and the sound insulation performance can be improved by more than 35 db. Sandwich panels Require the CE mark to be sold in Europe. The European sandwich panel standard is EN14509:2013 Self-supporting double-skin metal-faced insulating-panels – Factory-made products –Specifications.
Sandwich panels quality can be certified by applying the quality level.





Totally, invention of aluminium composite panels is a big revolution in construction and industry facades. It’s special features have made it popular, more earthquakes safety and fires, it can save lives. Aesthetics and beautification of the city is important. Protecting the environment from many fires and returning to the environment. The price is low compared  to other materials, easier to install and maintain, easier cleaning because of anti-graffiti. So, To have best results and performance using aluminium is the best choice.

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