Aluminum composite material


Aluminum composite material


Aluminum composite material is a revolution in the building industry. Using cement, wood and stone can not please the needs of homeowners. But , aluminum composite material can do the best in everywhere that you want. Different and the best features are very helpful to use for architectures. One of the features is high flexibility .In new designs architects prefer to have complex facades so use is more beneficial to other material like stone! Aluminum composite material has many different models of color and pattern as you want for example:high glass, mirror etc. aluminum composite material can be made in different surfaces for different places like fire resistance for dangrease places like restaurants. These panels have a wide world. We explain it more.

aluminium composite material

What is the characteristic of Aluminum composite material? 

Aluminum composite material has many different characteristics. It can be changed to different things. Like roof or cladding the wall.this materials open view of the building and  environment and really it is successful. In every new product or project we see the aluminium composite. So ,we want to explain more about the characteristics of Aluminum composite material.  

  • Light weight 

This material has a light weight naturally. For instance ,aluminium composite panels have 8.5 kg per sheet a square. So ,between other materials of a building like stone ,it is very light. Exactly, If the middle surface is of honeycomb structure it is more lightly. Honeycomb structure has less weight than others. 

  • Colorfull

     Aluminum composite material has a complete plate of colors. Solid colour or brushed. Almost, it has metal color and non metal color. In addition, Marble and wood design. Therefore, the colors and patterns  are available as you want like flower patterns, it is amazing.  

  • Durability  

Acm panels have a long life. They are not broken easily. It has high quality. The life time is about 30 years in hard weather, otherwise, in clean weather it belongs to more than 40 years.  

  • Economical choice  

In different places we see wall cladding, facades or etc, in which one needs to take care of them to be clean or proper. On the other hand, aluminium composite material panels don’t need care. It is durable. So ,the price of the panel is affordable because it does not need to pay for keeping. They are a very cost effective choice for building facades. easy installation and fixation. Since materials are very light ,a fixation point is not needed. So , labour cost and materials cost is being less maybe removed. In addition, keeping cost is very low. On the other hand ,cleaning is easy. so the cost of cleaning is very affordable. In harsh weather you can clean only with water rinse without any detergent.  

  • Fire behaviour

These panels can be fireproof or not. It relies on core material. resistance and reaction, depending on: the foam, the metal thickness, the coating, etc. The user will need to choose between the different sandwich panel types, depending on the requirements. 

(Fire resistance): 

Nowadays, making a building has so many different types of laws. For example your building must have the fire resistance application. For example if your building has fire resistance, your tax credits will change and come down. Aluminium composite panel to have high resistance of fire cover with thermoplastic core. so, if an aluminium composite panel catches in the fire doesn’t start or make more flame. 

  • Thickness  

The Sandwich panels have thickness about 40mm up to more than 200mm. The usual thickness is 3mm ,4mm and 6mm. The thickness can be changed with the needs of customers and on the other hand the core of the panel is effecting on thicknesses. 

  • Easy to access  

These panels are so easy. As before says it is lightweight, so drill ,punch and other functions are available and easily processed. It can be changed with need of extra application. It is easily even more bent and folded too. These characteristics let you use the Aluminium Composite material Panel for hard designs like the station’s roof that need to be folded etc. Even though a piece of aluminium composite panel needs to be changed ,it’s not needed to replace all of the panel. You can change only a panel that has a problem. Because it is easily processed.

  • High quality  

These panels can be covered with 2 kinds of materials. Fluorocarbon and polyester. These two materials (Fluorocarbon and polyester) help to make a high quality of surface. Therefore, Acm panels are not broken easily. 

  • Weather resistance  

Aluminium composite material has a gap between layers. This gap is as a keeper. A gap between the up and down surface helps to become high resistance to heat and cold weather. On winter’s day, this panel can save your hot weather. On the other hand, in summer it is vice versa . In addition aluminium material can save your money and doesn’t waste Bill’s.  

  • Sound insulation  

If you need to have a good relaxing time, you need a quiet place. Aluminium composite material panels can reduce noise. because of the model of structure. These features are used in all wall panels and facades. It can make you quiet easily.  This is sound insulation. Since the core plate is a folded arc type, a non straight surface image is burned on the sound wave, and the acoustic wave coupling between the panel and the back plate is removed, and the sound insulation performance can be high by more than 35 db. 

  • Envier mental protection 

It is easy to clean ,returnable and it doesn’t Pollute the environment. Therefore, it is eco friendly and green material.  

  • flatness

sandwich panels afford an extra flat to make high trust for customers and architecture with high resistance to distortion and not flatness. 

  • Eco friendly  

We say Green material to products that return to ecosystems. They do not destroy ecosystems and eco systems absorb them easily. Aluminium composite materials are eco, Using this product is for everyone’s benefit, even nature.  Hence ,we know about aluminium composite material .This material has different products. It has different manufactures to be everywhere that you want. 

aluminium composite material

Which projects are available to use aluminium composite material? 


One of the important uses of aluminium composite material is facades. Architecture and building makers refer to a new design with eye-catching design. This panel can change to different shapes and be folded easily. These facades can protect your building from heat and cold weather. Therefore your payment of Bill’s being less than before. In addition, this facades color can be personalized with your own needs. Furthermore it’s important to have a beautiful building. Facades for harsh weather are important and Keeping be hard. But ,aluminium composite panel material solves it. This panel is covered up by fluorocarbon or, Even if there was huge damage it will not affect the color of the panel. In addition, because of the light weight naturally of aluminium the pressure of facades becomes less . For being safe in earthquakes, using these materials are more beneficial. 

Some important projects of Aluminum composite material

One of the goals of managers today is to have a good building view like, the tower of Al Arab, symbol of Dubai, Al-Arab Hotel, and Mitsubishi factory building, Al- Nasr towers in Doha, Qatar and other examples. 

Indoor and outdoor 

The Use of acm panels is not only for facades and outdoors. The surface of the indoor aluminium composite panels is usually covered with a resin coating. This covering. can not adapt to the harsh outdoor situation. If it is used outdoors, destroying the colors and patterns as soon as possible. The surface coating of the outdoor aluminum composite panels is generally coated with a polyfluorinated elastomer which is resistant to aging and ultraviolet rays, and the sheet is expensive. In addition It has a different typical usage for indoor. You can change your room design with acp. In addition, change your kitchen ,bathroom ,balcony etc.  

Corrosion resistance of Aluminum composite material

Even if aluminium panels weren’t immune they would still be corrosion resistant. Why? When aluminium is being to open view and to air it makes a thin layer of aluminium oxide that makes aluminium facades corrosion resistant 

Reconstruction of old buildings by Aluminum composite material 

You can recover your house with aluminum composite material easily. Using them is easy and Easy to install. It has a colorful plate so setting the color with other sides is easy. 

Advertisement boards and sign boards with Aluminum composite material

Nowadays, you can not see the importance of advertising. As we said before, High corrosion resistance is one of the Aluminium composite material panel characteristics that is suitable for sign boards and advertising boards. One of the usage is sign boards in the road. On the other hand, If you start a new business being seen with a little money by ACP all over your city. In addition, you can have a light billboard for long years. 

public stations roof by Aluminum composite material

Aluminum composite material panel is both heat and cold weather resistant. Usually air ports, bus stations and train stations need roofs for passengers and vehicles to prevent them from heat and cold weather .So, using an ACM panel can be the best option. 

big saloon roof and partition by Aluminum composite material

All of these places need a big saloon, as you know one of ACM Panel properties is a variety of sizes and shapes. Hotel managers want to make silent places, warm and stylish, so aluminium composite.

panels can do it well. 

Tunnel-metro stations Aluminum composite material

Thanks to the high flexibility of the Aluminium composite panel it can give you a huge tunnel without any limitations. 

Almost all the building projects and industry facades are suitable  for using aluminium composite panels. So, Because of this variety of use , Products must be versatile and functional. Different covering , core material and different thickness are these characteristics that can be changed. For example, panels with covering look like wood, mirror and copper. Other products made by changing core depend on the place and projects that will be used. For example FR (fire) is a sheet with mineral filled thermoplastic core bounded by two thin sheets of aluminium.

aluminium composite material

Sum up 

Aluminium composite material is known as affordable and durable. These characteristics are helpful to  have the best Conqolition. Founding of this panel is a big revolution in industry. This material has grown up in the last 40 years. Aluminium composite material panels are very flexible, this panel can be used where other materials can not. Aluminium composite material panel is a mix of the basic needs of the best material. Using them can bring for you a lot of good results. From money saving to eco protection etc. With these materials you are being a star. 

ACM panels come in many different standard colours .Matching colors is easy with the colour of your project image or company building. In addition they are anti-graffiti and easy to clean. Anti gravity means no toxic and harmful bacteria can be attached to the surface. Therefore, this material is always clean.  

 These special features have made it popular, earthquakes safety and fires, it can save lives. Aesthetics and beautification of the city is important. Protecting the environment from fires and returning to the environment. The price is low compared  to other materials, easier to install and maintain, easier cleaning because of anti-graffiti. So, To have best results and performance using aluminium is the best choice. 

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