Aluminum Composite Panel Price

Today, having a modern-age material is necessary for the buildings and constructions. Moreover, choosing a material with an economical price is essential. The different and usable characteristics of these panels have made them unique. They are very inexpensive compared to other materials. For example, having high durability is one of the best features. Within this article, aluminum composite panel price will be discussed whereas you can find more information about these materials in Aluminum Composite Panels.

Have excellent prices compared to other materials is beneficial for any project. Another premium feature is the high resistance of aluminum composite panels. In winter and cold weather countries such as Canada, your home temperature is stable with ACP panels. Therefore, your gas usage reduces, and the material saves you money. You can visit How to pick the right siding material for the Canadian climate in here.

Aluminum Composite Panel Price

Aluminum composite panel features

Aluminum composite panel characteristics are useful; however, their feature and the customers’ choice can affect their price. Here are some of the ACP Panel features:

  • Lightweight
  • Stability
  • Various colors
  • Variety of surface coating
  • Fireproof
  • Different main layers
  • Heat, cold and sound resistance
  • Flatness and smoothness

Besides the above characteristics, some other factors can affect aluminum composite panel prices, such as raw materials, thickness, and labor cost.


Aluminum composite panels have a lightweight nature. The weight of the sheets is exceptionally light. In comparison with stone, glass, and cement, ACP panels’ weight is low. Therefore, using this panel is beneficial for industrial purposes. On the other hand, lightweight can reduce pressure for a building’s whole body because it can extend the building’s life. Lightweight can delete extra installation costs, so aluminum composite panel price is affordable. The weight is simply one of the high-quality features of ACP panels. For more information, visit Aluminum Composite Material.


Another critical factor in choosing these panels is durability compared to other materials. In other words, the lifetime of ACP panels is exceptional. So, the longer they can withstand harsh situations, the more economically valuable they are. Consequently, durability can save your money because it’s not always necessary to replace and change the indoor tools. Therefore, we can say the aluminum composite panel price is affordable for a long time.

Variety of colors 

Being available in many colors and patterns is another advantage for interior design usages of ACP panels. Using this panel for designing your room can delete more extra costs like painting and paper walls. Using them in the walls, you have excellent resistance to sound and weather, hitting two birds with one stone. The choice of color is critical when deciding the composite material. If you use them for aluminum cladding, then you have an appealing construction. Visit Aluminum Cladding if you are interested in ACP panel cladding and its wide variety of colors.

Fire resistance  

Fireproof is a significant factor in cladding materials. The use of fireproof for interior design and exterior wall decoration or facades can keep your life away from possible dangers. In any upcoming accident, all the materials can be burnt and put people’s lives in danger. So we can choose other facades materials such as aluminum composite panels. ACP panels are mostly fire retardant, making them a suitable cladding material.

High resistance 

Every year we pay a lot of money for bills such as water, gas, etc. Using material to save heat in winter and cold weather in summer is very valuable. Using aluminum composite panels allows you to have a comfortable life and protect both the energy and billing costs. Also, the materials are durable during accidents and unfortunate events such as earthquakes. Therefore, aluminum composite panel prices can save your life and money!

Aluminum Composite Panel Price

What factors can affect the price of an aluminum composite panel? 

PE Or PVDF Coating  

Aluminum composite panel manufacturers have a different surface covering. According to coating, it’s paint surface is divided into two cases: PE (polyester)coating and PVDF (fluorocarbon) coating. The difference between these two is as follows: You can visit Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panels for more details.

  1. PE coating has protective and decorative characteristics. PE coating is a kind of anti-UV sheet and can reduce attacks of wind, snow, rain, frozen, etc. It’s used in indoor, outdoor design, billboard, and signboard, etc.  Visit ACP Panel Price for information about different structural coating materials for aluminum composite panels.
  2. PVDF coating is available in a vibrant color surface that doesn’t get destroyed easily. It is made for places that have harsh weather conditions. So it is suitable for outdoors that have terrible storms. The panel with the PVDF surface can last for several decades. Plus, fluorocarbon has a high-grade appearance, more value, and special protection of a building.

PE and PVDF coating is the same in making rolls; the only difference between PE and PVDF coating is the material coating. Fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils have more stable chemical properties than polyester coated aluminum coils. The places that have been used are the same, but fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils have a much longer used life. The fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil has better stability and weather resistance.

Aluminum Composite Panel Price

The core material of the aluminum composite panel

(Direct and indirect material)

To make an ACP sheet, two kinds of materials are valid on the finished aluminum composite panel price: Direct material and indirect material. Direct content is an integral part of the panel. Aluminum composite panels have two kinds of materials: clinker ( hard brick) and raw material. Clinkers are expensive, and raw materials are cheap. The aluminum panel made by the clinker has a high price. The national enterprise index accepts this kind of content. The aluminum panels made by raw materials are cheap, and it doesn’t meet the target of national enterprise because it is broken easily.

The difference between the core materials is not only related to the direct and indirect ones. For instance, most aluminum composite sheet suppliers use fire-retardant materials for more fire resistance, particularly in outdoor usages. However, for indoor usage, PE cores can be used since spreading fire is lowered.  You can visit Aluminum Composite Sheet for more details.

The thickness of the aluminum composite surface panel 

As previously mentioned, the usage of aluminum composite panels is extensive. The thicknesses are different and can be changed by the clients’ needs. For example, exterior walls and advertisements can be altered with the coating with fluorocarbon(PVDF) or polyester (PE). The thickness should be above 0.2 mm up to 4 mm. The indoor usage of aluminum composite panels can not be less than 0.1 mm to 3 mm. For building curtain walls panel, the minimum thickness of upper and lower aluminum sheets should not be less than 0.5 mm, and the total thickness should be more than 4 mm.

Aluminum Composite panels are very flexible. Their thickness is one of the major elements that help their flexibility. You can even bend them the way you want to. That’s why more architects nowadays decide to use ACP panels. Visit “Can you bend aluminum composite panels?” for more information about ACP panels’ flexibility and thickness.

Interior and exterior usages  

If we want to use aluminum composite panels for indoor decoration, we can pay lower prices because the surface of these panels is PE. PE (polyester) surface coating is cheaper than PVDF (fluorocarbon) coating. On the other hand, exterior designs are more expensive because the surface is PVDF. Examples are facades and billboards, which needs to be durable and needs extra attention.

Transfer costs 

Another cost is transport expenses. The cost of transportation is an integral part of the finished product price. The more distance the project from the company, the more expensive human resources. Hence, labor rates, transport costs, and taxes are all affected by the project’s geographical location and need to be accounted for.

Aluminum Composite Panel Price

What are the factors involved in the cost of the product? 

The main factors that make up the cost are the following three categories: raw materials and wages divided into direct and indirect groups:

  • Raw material
  • Wages
  • Overload

Labor costs affect the total price:

Salaries and wages paid for the production of goods and the change in products are regarded as the production wages. The payment is divided into two parts according to the relation of the thing produced: Direct wage and indirect wage. Bear in mind that all these costs are the same for any product you purchase in this world, though some may require more energy and human resources.

Direct wage: A wage is paid for the work directly spent on changing raw materials into manufactured goods.

Indirect wage: A wage is paid for the work that does not directly affect the manufacturer and the composition of the manufactured goods, such as guard salaries and factory workers. Consequently, Making aluminum composite panels by machine in a company has many costs that affect the finish product price. If the value is higher, the price will be higher. Therefore, Labor cost is one of the usual fees. If workers have to work under challenging conditions, they should receive more payments, which will make the price of manufacturing high.

How overhead cost affects aluminum composite panel price? 

What is overhead? All costs that happen while making a product but cannot be directly and individually related to production or an exclusive product are named factory costs or other costs. Specific examples of these costs are indirect production, indirect wage, repair and depreciation cost of machinery, insurance costs, and other similar materials. Visit the ACM Panel Cost for more information.

Aluminum Composite Panel Price


All in all, the aluminum composite panel price is an affordable material because of the reasons mentioned above. Another reason is safety. We can not choose money beyond safety because nothing can recover shelter. The aluminum composite panel price is affordable because the production costs and other costs have significantly reduced. The high-quality features of aluminum composite panels have made these materials the perfect solution for insulation, attractiveness, durability, and more.

. By selecting this material for your building and your room, you can ensure you have chosen the right equipment for your construction. Finally, we recommend reading our complete and in-depth article about Aluminum Composite Panels.

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