Aluminum composite 

aluminum composite

Aluminum composite

Have you ever seen some buildings with colorful facades and enjoyed them? In this article, we want to talk about what makes the facades colorful and vivid. There are various reasons for the attractiveness of construction material. However, one of these materials has an attractive nature by itself. Aluminum composite is a material with high quality and flexibility, which can meet all of your needs. Aluminum Composite is the modern-age building element that has evolved in the past few years. For more information, visit Aluminum Composite Panels.

Most Architectures and designers admire aluminum composite because of high and different properties. One of the features of this material is heat and sound insulation, a reasonable price, and is eco friendly. Besides, its usages are very extensive, which can be seen in most of the projects like facade, billboards, interior, exterior, balcony, etc. Also known as the Aluminum Sandwich panel due to its sandwich structures, the ACM panel is a sheet with a changeable central core and two surfaces. It has more than four kinds of applications, and for every usage, customers can choose the best products for themselves.

Aluminum composite

Four Kinds of aluminum composite 

  1. Corrugated panel
  2. Indoor and wall cladding
  3. Outdoor and facades
  4. Signboards. 

All of the manufactures’ main layers and surfaces are different based on the client’s applications. You can receive all of these panels in every color and pattern you want, such as wood, metal, and ceramic designs. In other words, there is a possibility of customization in ACM panels color which is unique in the world of construction.

The use of ACM panels and its transportation is comfortable and has an excellent price with high quality. The panels are highly durable. Aluminum composite is made in different layers, and in each usage, the coating can be changed. Furthermore, different surfaces with custom designs are also available. You can use these panels with no hesitation. 

Aluminum composite 

Feature of aluminum composite 


Aluminum composite is very light. Its weight is about half of the other composite materials. Being light can be considered a useful feature because it’s transportation is easy. On the other hand, the cost of maintenance and installation is going to be less. Therefore, the co-workers’ prices also reduces due to its budget-friendly element.

High quality 

Aluminum composite (AC) is not quickly broken in installation. Its high-quality characteristics help to use them in complex projects. In fact, the installation process of aluminum panels are quite simple, time and cost-effective.  

Sound insulation

As previously mentioned, these panels have three layers. A gap between layers keeps sound higher than 35 dB away, making high this material a perfect choice for sound insulation. You can also use them with double-glazed windows to make the insulation better. Therefore, if you are using ACM panels as a cladding material, you can easily have the sound and heat insulation feature installed in your construction. 

Fire behavior 

Two kinds of panels are available: flammable and non-flammable. These features depend on the main layer, coating, and foam. For instance, If you want this panel for the kitchen with high risks, your main layer must be a kind of non-flammable material. For more information about this issue, you can visit Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panels.

Weather resistance 

A gap between layers makes this material to have excellent resistance to harsh weather. Cover all small cracks in your walls that are not filled with cement or bricks, so the weather outside can not affect the inside. Further, in storms and windy weather, ACM panels can save your home from dust and dirt. 


Aluminum composite is available in more than 150 colors. Moreover, it is available in patterns and models like brushed, mirror, sparkle, etc. Having a Colorful world is marvelous with these materials. As previously mentioned, ACP materials are available in there main color categories. For more information about the color choices, you can take a look at visit Toronto Aluminum Composite Panel.

aluminum composite

High durability

AC materials lifetime is another essential part. Aluminum composite has a lengthy lifetime in both harsh and normal weather conditions. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a cold or hot climate, you can always trust and use ACP materials. 


This panel has high processability. It is easy to cut, drill, bent, and punch. Aluminum composite reform is straightforward. So, in most projects, architectures choose this material. 

Eco friendly 

All of the materials of Aluminum composite, if caught in fire, can be recycled. All of these materials are returned to the ecosystem because of their green elements.  


The cost of these panels is very reasonable compared to the price of other materials. For instance, aluminum composite keeps warm or cold weather in your room, preventing the heat escape from the house. Therefore the gas bill can significantly be reduced. So, you can save your money. 

Now, we know about aluminum composite properties. However, it is critical to know some of the most famous projects which have used ACM panels. Some notable projects are AL Arab tower in Doha and Mitsubishi factory in China. 

aluminum composite

ACP applications:

Aluminum Composite Panels have various usages and applications which can be different based on the client’s needs. In this article, we’ll mention some of their usages which we believe is very common in Canada:

Airport, bus stations 

Because of the high resistance of aluminum composite, you can see most of these panels in public transportation. Besides, Being light can help to have a more safe place for public places. For example, in massive earthquakes, roofs may have irreversible damage. 

Billboard and signboard 

The lightweight and the high resistance of UV are features that all the billboards need. On the other hand, a flat surface for the board is essential. The low cost of AP material can help managers have a prominent advertising board for their company for a long time. Transportation and installation of this panel are effortless than other materials. Furthermore, road signboards are essential for drivers, so long durability and flat surface helps to have proper signboards. 


Nowadays, intricate facades are the first choice for people and architecture. For the past decades, the common materials for facades were stone, plaster, etc. Architects cannot have a complicated idea for building because the elements mentioned before didn’t have enough flexibility. But, today, aluminum composite has high flexibility, so it is easy to bend and shape. These facades make your building very attractive and delicate. For more information about facades and cladding, you can visit Alu Composite Panel.

aluminum composite facades

Stations’ roof

The most important feature for having a sloping roof is high flexibility, so aluminum composite is the right choice. Moreover, high resistance in severe weather and unique strength, even in bad weather, is essential for different stations’ roof.

Decoration usages 

Aluminum panels usages are for both interior and exterior applications. For instance, to change your bedroom color or design, you must have done the painting with many problems and costs like painting brush, paint bucket, etc. But, using aluminum composite is more comfortable than painting. Different colors and distinctive patterns for your design, in addition to easy installation, are essential factors. Aluminum Composite Panel roof is very common in most countries. You can also visit ACM Aluminum for more info.

Aluminum composite 

Final words: 

The use of ACP materials in every project can be useful and beneficial. Different colors and exclusive patterns make the process of choosing the decorative materials very easy. Moreover, durability and high quality are essential features in the world of material for architectures and managers. Our company’s designers and engineers can give you special offers for the design and a reasonable price in any project. You can call the following numbers at any time to talk with our corporation. For more information you can visit ACM Metal Panel.

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