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Siding Projects FAQs

We supply a wide range of modern architectural materials and pro installation services for the following products:

  1. Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM Panels)
  2. Naturally Modified Wood (Thermal Wood)
  3. Longboards & other Aluminum Panel Systems
  4. HPL (High Pressure Laminate – phenolic)
  5. Cellular Composite Sidings, and more…

We cover a wide range of materials and cladding solutions from the well-known brands and suppliers all across North America & Europe. Our advisors will help you pick the right materials based on your project requirements and the budget. The total  cost for a siding project would range from $5/sq.ft to $45/sq.ft. This includes the cost of material and installation depending on the complexity of the material you would like to apply to your project.

It all depends on the type of siding material, accessibility, the preparation and obviously the project size. Some other factors influencing the time frame are old siding removal, special preparation, type of insulation, and waterproofing membrane. For a typical house it would take 2-5 days for more generic solutions like Vinyl and engineered wood. But for the more complex solutions like ACM & HPL it would take up to 2 weeks.

There might be some additional costs that was not predictable in the beginning. Some typical examples are structural problems, waterproofing issues, membrane damages, lack of accessibility, roof defects, gutters problems, soffits work corrosion, waste disposal, etc. The good news is, our installation crew members are trained professional carpenters. They would spot and report any serious issues, responsibly. They can then tackle the majority of those unforeseen issues with OR without any additional charges, depending on the intensity of the problem.

We cover the majority of the Great Toronto Neighborhoods (GTA) as followed:

  • Great Toronto Area (GTA)
  • North York & Markham
  • Toronto & York
  • Vaughan & Richmond Hill
  • Newmarket & Aurora
  • Mississauga & Etobicoke
  • Scarborough & Pickering

Hiring a professional siding contractor is a serious decision. Picking the right materials for the exterior walls is not just an architecturally aesthetic taste! It is pure science! Building envelope protects the inside environment from all the natural elements such as air, rain, light, heat, cold, bugs, mold spores and noise.

In Wiedehopf we combined our building science knowledge with high quality materials and pro installation services. We cooperate with the best Canadian suppliers, manufacturers and fabricators of siding solutions. This way, we can help you pick the right materials for your specific project, in an unbiased and objective manner. By supplying the materials from us, you do NOT pay more, BUT you receive a more comprehensive guarantee for both materials and services.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. The trust placed in us by our customers is absolutely essential for our company. We understand that, so, we do all we can to earn and protect your trust.

We NEVER share your personal information with anyone or any third party companies. In WIEDEHOPF® we take customer privacy seriously and NEVER sell or give out any customer information.