Bored of the Same Old Exteriors?

Change the Trend with Modern Cladding.

Exterior wall cladding is essential to a building’s long life and success. Wiedehopf is a leading cladding supplier in Canada, and we are committed to maximizing every façade project. We give your building the modern look that it wants, and the exterior protection that it needs.

Bored of the Same Old Exteriors?

Change the Trend with Modern Cladding.

Exterior wall cladding is essential to a building’s long life and success. Wiedehopf is a leading cladding supplier in Canada, and we are committed to maximizing every façade project. We give your building the modern look it wants, and the exterior protection it needs.

Modern Face of Façade

At Wiedehopf®, we handle everything to do with modern cladding solutions and offer support from beginning to end for any project. Design, supply, fabrication, and installation are all in our wheelhouse, and our knowledge of modern cladding is as apt as the roster of products we offer! Our partners—at every stage of the cladding process—rely on our insight and trust in our awareness of their project’s specific needs. At Wiedehopf®, we value quality, because the first indication of a building’s worth is its exterior.

Cladding Materials

Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Contractors

You’d probably want to give your building a touch of style and class but don’t know how to do that. Let’s face it; we live in the 21st century, and not in days that mud and slab buildings were the order of the day.

Cladding increases the mechanical strength of any building while offering protection from a range of elements. Buildings that incorporate cladding are more resistant to cracks caused by temperature or climate change, water absorption, sunlight, and all kinds of pollution compared to non-clad structures.

Best Buy's Blue Exterior


We are your one-stop cladding supplier; it does not matter what part of Ontario you stay in. As long as you have a need, place a request, and we will show up. If you are looking for the best practices of some of the best exterior siding in Toronto, reach out to us!

We supply our clients with the following:

ACM Panel - Homepage

ACM Panels

When it comes to modern cladding materials, Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is the star of the show. Our Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are hassle free when it comes to installation and maintenance, and offer a fireretardant core that will ensure safety and keep your building up to code. These panels offer our designers a great range of freedom, because they are malleable and accommodating for the look you are trying to achieve. We supply only the highest quality ACM, fabricating panels out of sheets that feature a .5 mm layer of Aluminum, which is top-of-the-line when it comes to modern cladding.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding gets along well with every project, offering perhaps the best bang-for-buck value when it comes to the super modern look. Incredibly popular for new construction as well as renovation, this lightweight material is cost effective to supply and fabricate, and amazingly simple to install. Aluminum Siding is here to serve the look of your next building project, either as a bold accent or the primary element for siding. Wiedehopf is an authorized supplier and contractor of Aluminum Siding, and our team can make this cladding product do wonders for your construction project.

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Thermally Modified Wood - Homepage

Thermally Modified Wood

Take the traditional look of wooden siding into the future with the modern innovation of Thermally Modified Wood! At Wiedehopf we maintain the beauty and unique thumbprint of natural wood, while eliminating the tendency untreated wood has to warp, swell, and shrink when exposed to the elements over the duration of time. Before this cladding material finds its way onto your walls, you can rest assured that it has gone through the fire, and come out on the other side stronger than it ever was before. Do not fret, the process of heating the wood is done in a furnace without oxygen, so you will get all the intricate knots, without any burns!

Wood Polymer Composite

Few exterior products can match the elegance of wood, and even fewer can handle the pressure of long-term outdoor use. Wood Polymer Composite is the answer—a cladding, decking, and fencing solution that wraps a luxurious aesthetic in a rough-and-tumble shield.

Architects, contractors, and property owners all agree: nothing beats the warm aesthetic of wood. But what if we could achieve that look without sacrificing durability—with a product that will not rot or require repainting? Wood Polymer Composite is the cladding, decking, and fencing material that offers an authentic wood finish with the mettle to survive any exterior environment.

Wood Polymer Composite cladding and decking project

Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement is becoming a staple within the commercial and residential market. This cladding product installs with ease and gives designers hundreds of choices in way of color and texture. The Fiber Cement that we supply comes with a Ceramic Coating Layer, which protects the product’s color from fading under UV light, and a Photocatalytic Coating Layer that makes for a material that is self-cleaning, air-purifying, and anti-viral/bacterial. The variety of looks that are achievable in this value-packed cladding solution makes Fiber Cement a popular choice for the modern façade.

High Pressure Laminate

High Pressure Laminate is a designer’s dream cladding solution, offering an infinite palette for a façade that will pop. Do not let a large range of colors, patterns, and even printing options make you think that this material is simply a canvas. In addition to its design features, this is a rough and tumble product that offers resiliency against the elements and a rain-screen façade at a reasonable cost point.

HPL - Homepage
Metal Mesh-Homepage

Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh will be like jewelry on your building. This material is intricate in its design, and stoic in response to wind, snow, and rain. This material offers an artistic medium like no other, for it is made to interplay with the sun, casting shadows on the rest of your building’s exterior that will make the facade come alive as the hours pass around it. This material also loans itself nicely to interior design, enclosures, and signage, blending eloquence with industrial chic. Wiedehopf offers flexible or rigid Metal Mesh, in a wide range of threads and patterns.

Don’t know what fits your project best?

If one of these modern cladding materials has caught your fancy, or if you are trying to decide what fits your project best, tell us more about your project.

We Provide You With The Best Cladding Solutions

Wiedehopf Design


With modern cladding materials, there are boundless aesthetic opportunities for a building’s facade. Our design experts can help your next project take advantage of the imaginative possibilities that our wide roster of products offer. After we assist you in selecting the modern materials that are suited to your project’s needs and wants, we will get to work on crafting the look that will don your building for many years to come. The best part, we offer project estimation and 3D model design at this stage, so you know that there are no surprises down the road!

Wiedehopf Supply


A reliable supplier is critical to the efficiency of any cladding project. With years of experience sourcing modern exterior materials, we are continuously adding the most innovative products to our roster. Wiedehopf’s connections within the industry enable us to supply with expedience and an assurance of quality. Notable materials include Aluminum Composite Material, Thermally Modified Wood, Aluminum Siding, Metal Mesh, Fiber Cement, and High Pressure Laminate. We have close partnerships with respected and trusted manufacturers, such as Alpolic, Alfrex, Alutile, Alucobond, Trespa, and Luxor.

Wiedehopf Fabrication


The fabrication stage of our process is when the blueprints of our design meet the raw materials that we source. Our clients and partners receive a completed facade that is totally unique, and thus we fabricate each panel at our shop to meet the specificity of every design. We cut, groove, bend, and assemble modern cladding panels in an efficient workflow that minimizes waste and error. Our workshop features two state-of-the-art CNC machines that cut, in three dimensions, to the exact specifications put forth by our designers, and our fabricators are true craftsmen with a passion for work well done.

Wiedehopf Installation


The care we employ does not finish there! The best modern cladding panels, with innovative materials and expert fabrication, will be bunk if not installed properly. Our clients and partners can rest easy because we bring our years of experience to the installation process. Our installers are elite in this field, have deep knowledge of safety guidelines (OSHA), and always show up to the job site with the high-end equipment needed to do the job right. Years of experience means service that is fast, precise, and friendly to the deadline of your construction project as a whole.

Wiedehopf Waranty


We know this trade inside-out. This is why we can confidently guarantee the quality of our services. After all, this is what we have been doing for over a decade. When you buy the materials from Wiedehopf, you Never pay more, but you will receive a more comprehensive guarantee!

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Reach out to one of our experts, to find how modern cladding can best suit your project.

The First Step?

Reach out to one of our experts, to find how modern cladding can best suit your project!

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