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Searching for a Professional Siding Contractor in Toronto, Ontario? We provide Modern Cladding Materials & Services from North York, Toronto. These materials range from Aluminum Composite Panels, Thermally Modified Wood, and HPLs to the more generic options like Cellular Vinyl & Engineered Wood. We work with the best suppliers all across North America and Europe. For more information, please feel free to contacts us.


Modern Exterior

Best Brands of North America & Europe


ACM Panels

We Provide Exceptional Fabrication & Installation services for Aluminum Composite Material Panels known as ACM. We cover all the neighborhoods of Toronto, Ontario.


Wood Profiles

As an A to Z Siding Contractor, we offer exceptional Installation and repair Services for Thermally Modified Wood profiles, known as Thermal wood in Canada.


Outstanding Design & Installation


First, our advisors help you define your project needs. They design your property in details, so, you can confidently pick the right material & color for your specific project. Then, we plan the most efficient & practical way to implement the design.


We supply a range of exterior facade and outdoor materials from the best distributors and manufacturers in North America & Europe. These materials range from the most popular Canadian sidings to the fully customized siding solutions.


We Custom-Build the more complex solutions like ACM Panels out of the best quality materials. For these make-to-order solutions, we use high precision equipment to fabricate all the parts in our high-end shop OR in our partners' factory lines.


We have elite teams of professional installers. They measure, handle, and transport the materials with care. They execute their job with high-end equipment and in compliance with Ontario Building Code Guidelines & Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA).


We know this trade inside-out. This is why we can confidently guarantee the quality of our services. After all, this is what we have been doing for over a decade. When you buy the materials from Wiedehopf, you Never pay more, but you will receive a more comprehensive guarantee!

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