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ACP panel

ACP panel   Aluminium composite panel is known as ACP.  To know more about its structure see aluminium composite panel. Its characteristics are remarkable, compared

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aluminum composite

Aluminium composite 

Aluminium composite Have you ever seen some buildings with colorful facades and enjoy it? We want to talk about this kind of colorful material. Aluminium

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Aluminium cladding

  What is cladding and What is Aluminium cladding?  Cladding means covering the surface to provide and resistance from weather. Cladding can be made of

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Aluminum composite material

Aluminum composite material   Aluminum composite material is a revolution in the building industry. Using cement, wood and stone can not please the needs of

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Aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panel Building industry needs to improve immediately. Aluminium composite panels is new material. It was invented in Germany in 1969.Cement, wood  and steel

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