At Wiedehopf, we have gathered the finest cladding materials from top-notch manufacturers around the world. We believe in versatility and creativity; hence our products come in a wide selection of colors, sizes, and specifications. We have most of our products always in stock, ready to be customized and planted on your building!
Supply is the first phase of a project cycle; design, fabrication, and installation are the following stages.
We minimize project timelines significantly by having most of the material in stock.

What materials do we supply?

At Wiedehopf, we supply a variety of materials:

  • Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
  • Thermally Modified Wood
  • Wood Polymer Composite
  • Extruded Aluminum Siding/Soffit
  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
  • Fiber Cement
  • Metal Mesh

In addition, Wiedehopf offers a broad range of colors and sizes to ensure customer satisfaction and fulfill every design requirement.

Wiedehopf, we supply a variety of materials
ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

ACM supply

We provide high-quality ACM panels in a variety of colors in custom sizes.
Safe. Appealing. Durable. Versatile; it is hard to fit all these qualities in a single cladding material. For the past decades, cladding materials had one of the characteristics mentioned above; but it was hard to find a jack-of-all-trade one. On the other hand, you cannot simply neglect one of these features in a product. The exterior look of a building is the first thing people notice when looking at a building; hence it justifies appeal and versatility. Durability and safety are critical for the construction of a building. You cannot put the safety of the residents at risk just for the sake of beauty.

Why are we the best?

We have studied and learned by experience about the suitable materials that can resist Canada’s unstable weather. Our products are designed, fabricated, and supplied in a way to endure changing weather conditions, such as heavy rain, sunbeams, cold/hot temperatures, etc.

Fifteen years of experience in interior and exterior cladding have led us to close partnerships with trusted and well-known manufacturers in this market, such as Alpolic, Alutile, Alucobond, Alfrex, and Luxor.

Aluminum composite panels are the new age construction and decorative material used in external cladding, internal decoration, signage, false ceiling, and partitions. They possess all the features that you expect from a cladding material. To learn more about ACM panels and our role as an ACM supplier, read this article.

ACP Panel Price; The Budget-Friendly Construction Material
ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

Additionally, our design and estimation team will guide the customer on the type of material to use for each part of their house to make it more durable and functional while giving the best look.
We supply a range of exterior facade and outdoor materials from the best distributors and manufacturers in North America & Europe. These materials range from the most popular Canadian sidings to fully customized siding solutions.