After years of offering brilliant services to our customers, we know our products inside-out! In better words, we bring our previous experience to avoid all the future inconveniences for our customers.

What does installation include?

Cladding installation is the final step in a project. After precisely measuring the size of the panels and fabricating them using special tools such as the CNC machine, the next step is waterproofing. Waterproofing is an optional yet very crucial stage in the installation process. Before installing the panels on the wall, we apply the weather barrier to ensure that the panels do not leak water. You can read more about installation details through this blog post.

Wiedehopf What does installation include?

Why Wiedehopf?

We, at Wiedehopf, have elite teams of professional installers. They measure, handle, and transport the materials with care. They execute their job with high-end equipment and comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) guidelines.
In the shortest time and with the highest quality, our precise installers will install the panels on your building. We offer our installation services while maintaining the minimum hassle and distraction for the building owner and the neighborhood.

Wiedehopf Can you install the cladding yourself?

Can you install the cladding yourself?

The installation of cladding depends on the type of material chosen. There is a unique application process for each of these materials; therefore, it is highly recommended that you put a professional sider in charge of the installation process. Even minor gaps or errors in installation can result in severe damage to the building. This matter is more vital when installing a premium product such as aluminum composite material (ACM) panel. We recommend that this process be undertaken by an experienced professional who can tackle the various on-site challenges.