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Installation is where the fruits of our efforts are reaped. The work of design, supply, and fabrication pays off when our installers arrive to finish the job. Wiedehopf goes the full nine yards on any project and offers installation services for all modern cladding jobs. Not a fastener will be out of place when our expert team leaves you with a finished modern exterior!

What is Installation?

Installation is the process of fastening cladding panels and siding onto the base wall of a building’s envelope. This is a pleasing step for any construction or renovation project, as this is the stage where the visual appearance of an exterior solidifies itself.

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a design coming to form, but there are other processes at work during installation that are just as meaningful—if not more—to your building. Installation is where the building’s envelope is waterproofed using rain screen systems and additional materials, including flashing and Blueskin.

Waterproofing—a highly recommended element of the installation—is finicky work. You can reasonably expect an exterior to see many rain-filled days in its life. The slightest leak left by a shoddy installation means decay for a base wall. This is why we always recommend waterproofing during installation, and we employ the business’ best to do the job right.

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Installation Process


Arriving at the Job Site

As an industry leader, Wiedehopf offers installation services throughout Southern Ontario. Our Cladding products are fabricated in Vaughan, and arrive on the job site expediently, along with installation specialists ready to get to work. The slim design of our panels maximizes the amount that can be carried by a single truck, easing the process of getting cladding materials to where they need to go.

Preparing the Base Wall

Preparations must be accomplished before we can get to the fun part: hanging the panels themselves. For proper waterproofing, a building wrap (often Blueskin) must be applied to the base wall as a first step.

The wrap is adhered to and fastened with self-tapping screws. Then, it is time to refer to the design plans and chalk up a grid accordingly. This grid not only measures where panels will go but also the lines and points where extrusions and brackets will connect the base wall to the cladding.


Extrusions are the connecting link between the base wall and cladding panels. As their name suggests, they create an extrusion off of the building’s envelope, which facilitates a proper rain screen setup. Extrusions are fastened to the base wall along the lines of the chalked grid, in a particular order so that the sum of the extrusions is a uniform frame.

Installers are sure to use screws that are best accommodated to the base wall material in use, whether metal, concrete or wood. Clips are attached to each extrusion to fill the gap between them and the base wall.


Once extrusions form a solid frame across the base wall, the exterior is ready to be clad with panels. Installers lock the panels onto the wall, matching the brackets on the cladding with the extrusions fastened to the wall.

The best practice is to start with the bottom corner and install paneling out from there. This mitigates error and ensures a snug fit between one panel and the last.

The Peel

All of our panels are protected by a protective film, which stays on during fabrication, shipping, and installation. This protects the material from any scratches or dirt that may be incurred in the process. Thanks to this protection, the installation process finishes with them still looking brand new.

The moment the protective film is peeled off the panels is always gratifying. Installers pull away from the veil, to reveal the exterior design that was once just an idea in your head.

Wiedehopf What does installation include?
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Wiedehopf Installation Benefits

Safety (OHSA)

Safety is central to every installation we undergo. Our team works with high-end equipment, and often at heights using boom lifts: their wellbeing—in addition to that of everyone around—is our top priority. We are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), and our install teams take all necessary precautions to ensure safe work.

Balancing Speed and Accuracy

For our well-versed install teams, speed and accuracy are not mutually exclusive. Accuracy comes with proper training. Speed comes with practice. When you work with Wiedehopf, you draw on years of experience in the industry. Our elite team has put the hours in to hone their craft, and have the process down like clockwork.

Synergy with Job Site

Contractors, construction companies, and building owners are often juggling a variety of processes at once. When our installers arrive to work on an exterior, there are third parties and other teams using the job site as well. The last thing we want is to add chaos to an environment of myriad moving parts. Our shipping process is optimized to need as few trucks as possible, and our team knows how to work in synergy with a dynamic job site.

Wow the Neighbors

You want your new exterior to wow the neighbors, not annoy them with the hassles of installation. We work with speed, precision, and respect for the communities in which we operate.

Our Partnerships

Beyond our own install team, we also partner with independent installers. This allows us to cater to a variety of needs, locations, and contracts. Our deep partnerships and connections in the industry allow us to send the best people for the job, every time.

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Installation FAQ

The cladding process requires careful attention to detail to both maintain the original design and ensure the base wall is waterproofed properly. We recommended the assistance of professionals to mitigate any hiccups and produce a long-lasting finished product. When using a premium material such as ACM, professional installation heightens the value of the original investment by maximizing the structural integrity of the cladding.

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