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Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Material Panel (known as ACM Panel in Canada) is a form of modern architectural wall cladding panel system. This type of metal cladding is available in a variety of textures, colors & metallic coatings. In General, there are two major ACM sheet types & options:

  1. Fire-retardant (FR) core, and
  2. Polyethylene (PE) core panels.

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 Residential Houses - Toronto Residential Houses - Toronto

Modern & Contemporary Houses

With the ever growing popularity of modern and contemporary houses in Canada, materials like ACM panels found their way into the design options in the Greater Toronto Area neighborhoods. This evolutionary siding material opens the door to all kinds of innovation in minimalist and contemporary architectural design.

ACM Portfolio

 Industrial & Commercial Projects Industrial & Commercial Projects

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For years, ACM Panel facade systems were one of the best choices for both commercial and industrial buildings. Ease of installation, reliability of the system, compliance with building codes and no maintenance measures are only some of a few benefits of applying this system. Today, Aluminum Composite becomes one of the most favorable materials for modern architects and designers. These are just some of the projects delivered by Wiedehopf®.


Aluminum Composite Features

Residential, Commercial, Interior, Signage...


UV Repellent (Fade Resistant)

All the panels we supply are coated with weather-and UV-resistant materials to improve its color stability feature when exposed to direct sunlight and other elements. As a result, our ACM Panels are resistant to color fading.


Weather Resistant

ACM Panels are resistant against the harshest environmental changes. In better words, these Panels are durable against high temperatures, freezing conditions, and corrosion. Additionally, the under-layer of this paneling system is fully insulated and ventilated.

Versatility (Design Flexibility)

When it comes to the elegant & contemporary Exterior Wall Makeup, ACP is one of the widely used construction elements. This is because, ACP is very versatile and can be shaped into the most complicated surfaces imaginable. This flexibility made the ACPs the best choice for modern exterior wall coverings.

ACM Panels

Aluminum Composite Types.

Residential, Commercial, Interior, Signage...


Aluminum Composite Material Panels (known as ACM Panels) are a form of exterior wall cladding system. ACPs are durable, flexible, and strong. These metal panels are weather-resistant and are available in a variety of textures, colors and metallic coatings. This material can be applied in ventilated, semi-ventilated and air-tight building facade systems. It also complies with all the building envelope guidelines including Ontario Building Codes.

As builders or home owners, water is our first enemy. Especially in the harsh Canadian weather. So, Insulation and Waterproofing are the main concerns when installing the panels. Should these panels installed correctly, they do not require any special maintenance to remain in good shape.

Two General Types of ACM Panels:

  • Fire-Retardant Core Panel (FR)
  • Polyethylene Core Panel (PE)

Some Applications:

  • High-rise Building Cladding
  • Modern Residential Projects
  • Contemporary Architecture
  • Storefronts & Signage
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Column Cladding & Beam Covering
  • Interior Cladding & Partitions
  • Interior False Ceilings
  • Unconventional Structural Shapes
  • Weather & Stain Resistant
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance
  • Very Economical
  • Fast Installation
  • Wide Range of Color Options
  • Light-Weight & Flexible
  • In compliance with Building Codes
  • Ventilated & Breathable
  • 3D Modeling & Exterior Design
  • Assembly & Fabrication
  • Waterproofing & Installation
  • Maintenance & Repair

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