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With the ever-growing popularity of modern and contemporary houses in Canada, materials like aluminum panel cladding found their way into the Greater Toronto Area neighbourhoods’ design options. This evolutionary siding composite material opens the door to all kinds of innovation in minimalist and contemporary architectural design.

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For years, our ACM Panels system was one of the best choices for both commercial and industrial buildings. Ease of installation, reliability of the system, compliance with building codes and no maintenance measures. These were only a hand full of the benefits of applying this system. Today, Our Composite material becomes one of the most favourable materials for modern architects and designers. These are just some of the projects delivered by Wiedehopf.

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Wiedehopf What are ACM panels?

What are ACM panels?

ACM (aluminum composite material) panels are composed of two distinct components (metal and nonmetal). It not only retains the core features of the original product materials (metal aluminum, non-metallic polyethylene plastic), but it also amplifies their weaknesses.

Excellent material Properties

ACM panels has many outstanding material properties, such as colourful decoration, weather-resistant, rust protection, impact resistance, fire safety, moisture-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, and earthquake resistance; and it is simple to process, form, treat, and build due to its lightweight.

Wiedehopf - UV Repellent (Fade Resistant)

UV Repellent (Fade Resistant)

All the ACM panels we supply are coated with weather-and UV-resistant materials to improve its colour stability feature when exposed to direct sunlight and other elements. As a result, our ACM Panels are resistant to colour fading.

Wiedehopf - Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

ACM Panels are resistant to the harshest environmental changes. In better words, these aluminum Panels are durable against high temperatures, freezing conditions, and corrosion. Additionally, the under-layer of this panelling system is fully insulated and ventilated.

Wiedehopf - Versatility


When it comes to elegant & contemporary Exterior Wall Makeup, our aluminum panel cladding installation is a widely adopted construction element. This is because; ACP is very versatile and can be shaped into the most complicated surfaces imaginable. This flexibility made the ACPs the best choice for modern exterior wall coverings.

Wedehopf Wide Application

Wide Application

ACM panels are widely used in decorative ornaments such as tables, floors, furniture, telephone booths, elevators, storefronts, display boards, partitions, etc. Out of the three main curtain walls, it has been the metal curtain wall’s representative (natural stone, glass curtain wall and metal curtain wall).

Acm panels are also used to produce buses, train vehicles, aircraft, ship sound-insulation fabrics, and construct equipment boxes in some countries.

Aluminum Composite wall panels Canada

Generations of expertise in the aluminum wall panels industry and the continuing drive to provide forward-looking services and products have fueled Wiedehopf’s success in becoming a leading aluminum wall panel installation company. Owners, Architects and Contractors rely on Wiedehopf to provide a wide range of premium composite materials, installation and waterproofing systems for their commercial and industrial buildings not only in the Ontario markets but throughout the greater Toronto region and Canada as a whole.

Wiedehopf Aluminum Wall Panels Composite Wall Panels Canada

Aluminum Composite Types

Aluminum Composite Material Panels (known as ACM Panels) are a form of the exterior wall cladding system. ACPs are durable, flexible, and strong. These metal panels are weather-resistant and are available in a variety of textures, colours and metallic coatings. This composite material can be applied in ventilated, semi-ventilated and air-tight building facade systems. It also complies with all the building envelope guidelines, including Ontario Building Codes. As builders or homeowners, water is our first enemy. Especially in the harsh Canadian weather. So, Insulation and Waterproofing are the main concerns when installing the panels. Should these panels installed correctly, they do not require any special maintenance to remain in good shape.


With the use of a quality coating, aluminum panel claddings installations are usually dispensed with longtime maintenance, thus saving the maintenance expenditures of the modern high cost of constructions.


Fluorocarbon coated aluminum panels are featured by high durability, good resistance against weather, high temperature, wear and pollution etc.


Acm panels are given a smooth surface to meet the top-grade enjoyment of modern constructions.

Easy Installation

Our aluminum panels can be easily cut, grooved, and bent into right-angled shapes to meet decoration requirements.



Our materials are non-inflammable and they provide maximum protection to the polythene cetral material and also reduce the heat conduction during the combustion early stages. Our aluminium composite sheet comes in a flame resistant reaady status and is up to interntional standards.

Design Performance

If requested by customers, aluminum panel claddings can be made to different styles, colours, and shapes to meet architects’ original design, thus bringing a perfect decorating effect.