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ALPOLIC has been producing cladding products for over fifty years, and are a industry leading manufacturer. Wiedehopf is proud to supply ALPOLIC Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) to clients seeking tested-and-true cladding products.

Trusted Internationally.
Served Locally.
By Wiedehopf.

Japanese innovation. German engineering. American manufacturing. ALPOLIC panels are built to turn heads, improve your building, and withstand the test of time. With Wiedehopf, you will enjoy reliable access and custom fabrication of ALPOLIC cladding throughout southern Ontario. ALPOLIC ACM prices itself competitively in the market, and is noted for being highly customizable.

Want ALPOLIC ACM on your building? Wiedehopf can source and fabricate the ALPOLIC exterior design of your dreams!

Meet Your Exact Needs

When We Supply ALPOLIC Panels Suited for You!
The customizability of ALPOLIC ACM is useful to a wide range of applications:


Beauty and style surround exterior designs manufactured by ALPOLIC. Color, gloss, and form represent the infinite amount of possibilities at your disposal.

Corporate ID

Put your brand at the forefront of your building: ALPOLIC cladding can come in finishes that perfectly fit your corporate ID program.


ALPOLIC ACM is the material of choice for gas stations around the world. Easy to install, attractive to customers, and a breeze to maintain: ALPOLIC is the choice for petrol canopies, exteriors, and signage.


Whatever you need, ALPOLIC’s design freedom can achieve the color, texture, and finish your next project seeks!

Wondering if ALPOLIC ACM is the right choice for your next project?

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Why are we the best?

The experience and knowledge of our planning team in architecture and cladding design have enabled us to offer our clients products and services aimed at enhancing the visual aspect of their building. In addition, we listen to our clients’ design goals and provide advice so they make the best decisions.

Designed. Supplied. Fabricated. Installed.

ALPOLIC Makes the Sheet, Wiedehopf Handles the Rest.

ALPOLIC manufactures raw sheets of ACM that must be fabricated to your specifications. There is a journey between sheet and panel, and Wiedehopf can speed you along the path.

A Range of Finishes, Infinite Possibilities.

ALPOLIC’s ACM Palate Brings Design Freedom to Your Project.

ALPOLIC panels boast fourteen unique categories of finish. Their ACM can cover all the design options you need: from a minimalist matte, to a lively prismatic, to the classic gloss of anodized aluminum. ALPOLIC ACM can even emulate stone and wood, if that is your fancy!

The ALPOLIC color chart—extensive and growing—brings even more options to the table.

A Sustainable Choice

ALPOLIC ACM is Built with the Environment in Mind.

Of the many reasons why Wiedehopf works with ALPOLIC ACM, our favorite is the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability. With a sustainability manager working full time to lower the company’s footprint, ALPOLIC is an industry leader on this front. Many of their ACM panels are produced using post-consumer recycled materials, avoiding the need for excessive harvesting of raw aluminum. Their sustainability program, Operation Oncore, is committed to make every ALPOLIC Panel recyclable.

ACM at its Best.


Choice of Polyethylene (PE) or Fire-Resistant (FR) core
Multiple options in way of aluminum thickness
Built-in ALPOLIC graffiti resistance
An ALPOLIC Warranty that secures your investment for years to come
Aluminum Composite Material: McDonald’s Secret Sauce in Rebranding Effort


A capable supplier can get the most out of ALPOLIC ACM products.

Need help in getting Alpolic products on your building?