The diversity of construction materials has increased considerably in the last few years, so choosing the right one is not an easy task. Most customers select the cladding material based on their budget. However, finding high-quality material at a reasonable price takes a lot of effort. Wiedehopf has established its role as a reliable associate to help you find the most suitable design for your building at an affordable price.

What is Design?

Our seasoned team of architects, designers, and estimators are psyched up to help you craft the dream design for your building. The design process starts from the moment a client has visited our showroom and ends at the fabrication stage. We provide the following solutions for our clients:

  • Suitable Material Selection
  • Blueprint/Drawing Analysis
  • Project Estimation
  • 3D Model Design
Wiedehopf What is Design?
Wiedehopf Why is design important?

Why is design important?

The design process is crucial for every project because it gives the customer and us the tools we need to construct the dream building with a better vision.
A good design is the foundation of a successful project. First, our architects will suggest the fittest material, and our estimators will calculate the project size. Next, the sales team will give you advice on the most affordable plan. In the end, our designers will organize these ideas and visualize your project.

Why are we the best?

The experience and knowledge of our planning team in architecture and cladding design have enabled us to offer our clients products and services aimed at enhancing the visual aspect of their building. In addition, we listen to our clients’ design goals and provide advice so they make the best decisions.

Steps and Processes

Our design and estimation team starts their job in the early stages of a project. First, our architects and experts consult the clients about the material options and give them suggestions based on many factors such as the building code, weather conditions of the area, and the visual appearance of the building. Next, our estimators will estimate the amount of material used to execute the project without any problem. Afterward, when the client confirms the estimation, our professional designers visualize a 3D model of the building with the material executed on it. Every detail in the model is customizable. Therefore, it helps the client and us see our plans’ outcome before the project kick-off.

Wiedehopf Design Steps and Processes
ACM Panels Cost and The Quest for The Best Price!

The number of construction materials has grown so much in the last few years that choosing the right one is challenging. Most clients choose their material based on their budget. Yet, finding high-quality material at a reasonable price is more demanding. Therefore, most people get lost in the world of building elements.
Our design team’s expertise and knowledge in architecture, façade design, and materials’ properties have enabled us to offer our customers products and services intended to enhance your building’s curb appeal. We listen to our client’s design goals and offer advice and alternatives so that the most informed decisions can be made.

Our design team estimates the amount of cladding material that is needed for a building based on the drawings and blueprints.

Whether you’re uncomfortable making building choices on your own or you are on a budget, our professional designers can help you.
They will analyze the blueprints, estimate the required material quantity, advise on which siding material to choose, draw 2D sketches, and visualize them in 3D.

Wiedehopf Design Steps and Processes