A Building Wants to Impress. We Design Modern Exteriors that do just That.

The cladding journey begins with design. Give us a vision and we will hand you back an actionable game plan for the facade of your dreams: including material selection, blueprints, 3D models, and accurate estimates. Do not get lost in the myriad of options: we will lead you to the modern cladding solutions best suited to your needs and price point. Wiedehopf’s design team: the perfect start to your cladding project!

What Happens During Design?

The design process begins with your visit to our showroom. You will collaborate with our expressive team of architects, designers, and estimators to choose the best modern materials and draft the exterior design of your dreams. We get you a complete picture of the project’s potential, so that you can envision precisely what you are getting, and what it will cost. Here are the stages of design:

  • Choosing the best modern materials for you!
  • Blueprint/drawing analysis
  • Project Estimation
  • 3D Model Design
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Why Wiedehopf Design?

Visit our showroom in Vaughan to experience firsthand our materials, and meet the team that wants to collaborate with you!

A surprise-free cladding project is the product of a well-rounded design stage. Wiedehopf blends artistry, industry awareness, and foresight to set any exterior design up for success, no matter your budget.

There is an overwhelming number of options: we will point you to the materials fit to serve your needs and wants.

We want to make your dream affordable: our sales team will draft you a game plan that fits your desired price point.

You want a one-of-a-kind exterior design: our designers are true tastemakers in the space and will craft a facade that effortlessly turns heads.

Design Process

Get your vision on paper…and then on a building! Call us today to put our team to work on your next project.


Showing is always better than telling! Here are before and after examples of a few ACM projects, so you can see the pop that these panels bring to any building.

Commercial Building Before Commercial Building After

Why are we the best?

The experience and knowledge of our planning team in architecture and cladding design have enabled us to offer our clients products and services aimed at enhancing the visual aspect of their building. In addition, we listen to our clients’ design goals and provide advice so they make the best decisions.

Materials and Their Design Applications

Each product in our roster of modern cladding materials is tailored to meet a particular design function. Here are a few of our favorites, and their aesthetic qualities from a design perspective.

ACM Panels Cost and The Quest for The Best Price!


Panels made from Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) are a subtitle statement of luxury. With a smooth, glossy finish, ACM is an elegant design choice that is indicative of a future-forward building. Pairing great with wood, brick, and many other accenting materials, ACM can work as a complementary material or as the star of the show.

Thermally Modified Wood

For a natural wood finish that will last, Thermally Modified Wood gives this old-school material the new-age durability that modern cladding needs. A myriad of options in the way of timber gets you exactly the shade you seek, and this product provides an excellent base on which to add metallic accents for a unique contrast.


High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a medium for colorful, bold, and high-impact designs that radiate character off your building. With great weather resistance, this color will not fade, nor will your building’s relevance to the city skyline! HPL is the perfect splash of fun to accent any material, and is well in their element as a primary cladding element.

Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh is to the architect what a jeweled necklace is to a fashion designer. This premium material is a guaranteed show-stopper on any building’s exterior. This product has a high degree of customizability: with a wide array of designs and the choice of flexible or rigid mesh. Metal Mesh will veil and cast beautiful shadows on wood, glass, ACM, or any other material for a dynamic and ever-changing facade.

A Smooth Handoff

The cladding process is underway when you are satisfied with the design and estimations. Our team moves to supply, fabrication, and installation. We work with synergy and frequent the original schematic, so there is no denigration from the original design. Each step is optimized for a smooth handoff that does not lose focus on the goals set forth by the design phase.

Does your building need a facade facelift? Our design team brings a modern flavor to every renovation project. Call our office, +1(905) 761 9791, to discuss ideas for your next renovation!

Design FAQ

The early consultation stages of design are at no obligation to you, so you can inquire about what we have to offer at no risk to you. Once we get moving on a design, the cost is included within the contract.