Aluminium cladding

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What is cladding and

What is Aluminium cladding? 

Cladding means covering the surface to provide and resistance from weather. Cladding can be made of wood, brick and metal. In addition composite materials like aluminium can be used for cladding. 


Aluminium cladding is one of the most common choices for facades. This material has beneficial effects beyond other materials like copper, steel and zinc. So, why use Aluminium cladding ?At first, Aluminium cladding has good resistance .In bad weather conditions it has a long life time. The more resistance, the more long life. Secondly, This character helps to have a shiny surface colour for more time. Thirdly, protecting buildings from water is major ,so by using water proof material they become safe from moisture and humidity. On the other hand, Aluminium cladding has a light weight naturally. Aluminium has about a quarter weight of other materials.  

Aluminium cladding

So , we want to explain more about advantages of Aluminium cladding


Light weight 

Architects love Aluminium cladding for facades because it is light. On the other hand its characteristics make it easy to transport .Another important reason is easy to install because of light weight. 


In new architecture design, flexible material can play important roles. Facades with different and complex shapes welcome this type of material. 

Easy to maintenance 

Easily processed and making shapes with aluminium helps architecture choose this material anyway.  


Aluminium cladding has a life time of about 3 decades even in bad weather. On the other hand, in good condition we have more than 40 years. Did you see an old department with aluminium facades with shine and good facades? Exactly we focus on old buildings more than before. 

Eco friendly  

This kind of facade completely returns to Eco. For example, if caught up in fire all the materials are returnable. 


We choose color to have a beautiful world. Aluminium cladding presented in every color. Also, customers can order their own mind. 

Aluminium cladding

What is a different type of cladding? 


Stone cladding  

This type of cladding gives you a unique style from other materials. In this design ,we see nature stone that is used more for the exit wall of the garden. 

Brick cladding  

Bricks are in different colors and it matches with different designs. 

Upvc cladding 

This kind of cladding also has good characteristics. It has free maintenance and water proof. It has high resistance from fire and weather. 

Timber cladding 

Wood has a good sense. Timber cladding also gives you good sense and unique cladding. 

Concrete cladding 

Both interior and exterior design can use concrete. It is durable and strong. 

Glass cladding 

One of the most expensive materials for cladding is glass but it has special customers. Mostly , it uses more for the business department. 

sum up:

Aluminium cladding is a cheap facade because it is highly beneficial and low useless among other materials. low cost of keeping and long time of life 

are important.

Our experts can give you the best explanation for your best choice.

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