Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers

Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers

l The unlimited number of available materials for the construction industry has made it impossible to choose the right one. Even if you have selected a material for your project, you need to know the best suppliers in that business. Although many construction elements are available worldwide for complex projects, none have been able to compete with aluminum composite panel (ACP) since they have extraordinary features which you can find in our full guide to ACM panels. More than 200 aluminum composite panel suppliers are available worldwide, and the industry is expected to expand more by the year 2022. Even though the growth of ACP panel manufacturers is excellent for the industry, picking the best one can be challenging. For more information, you can visit our main page about Aluminum Compoiste Panels to find out more about our options and offers.

However, choosing the correct aluminum composite panel supplier is not the end of your construction project. You may also need to select a contractor or an installer to establish the panels. Due to the importance of the former, in this article, we will talk about aluminum composite panel suppliers. We will also focus on the structure of ACP panels and their manufacturer. You can also check Aluminum Composite Material Panels for more information.

Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers

Aluminum composite panel suppliers products:

Aluminum composite panels were invented in the 1960s and soon became popular. However, what stopped them from being the best construction and decoration material was their lack of diversity and fire issues. Therefore, suppliers started to solve these problems by providing different and variant ACP products. Moreover, the fire issue has been addressed by producing more non-combustible core materials.

The polythene core: 

Aluminum composite panel suppliers may use polythene (PE) in the ACP core. The material that can spread fire is banned in most countries even though some other countries have allowed them to be used in low-rising buildings. The PE core is a suitable material for interior decoration and external cladding of one-floor buildings. To know more about these important core elements, we suggest visiting Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panels for more details.

Fire retardant core:

The fire retardant core is entirely fire-resistant, which makes them usable in high-rise buildings. In most cases, aluminum is used as the primary core. However, mineral core materials are also suitable for fire retardant cores. The fire retardant material is one of the best aluminum composite panels that can be used in many applications. These include interior decoration, external cladding, and siding of high-rise buildings, signage, and even the transportation industry. 

Corrugated core:

Some aluminum composite panel suppliers use corrugated core in their products. These cores, which are sandwiched by aluminum layers, provide an excellent flatness, small falling deviation size, and flexibility. The corrugated core has a water ripple shape that provides some vacant space between the two aluminum layers. They are considered as one of the best ACP products for heat insulation. Moreover, corrugated cores have an A2 degree of fire-resistant that is enough for even the most strict fire safety rules in some countries. 

Aluminum composite panels that use corrugated core are excellent for building exterior wall covering, partitions, ceilings, and more. They can also be used for interior decoration and signage. One of their usages is also ACP cladding. To find out more about them, you can visit ACP Cladding.

Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers

Honeycomb core:

Aluminum composite honeycomb panels are another type of core that is from aerospace technology. Small holes from the core make it possible for the air to flow freely inside the panels. Furthermore, they have an A2 fire degree and are also soundproof and heat insulated. 

Honeycomb core has the most applications among aluminum composite panel cores. They are used in buildings and constructions for external and internal usages. Moreover, they are used in marines, railway, and solar energy due to their super strength and flatness.

Aluminum composite suppliers may use different cores in the ACP panels. However, the essential item that defines the core is the client’s usage. Therefore, before purchasing your product, contact your supplier to get more information regarding the materials’ core. Visit Aluminum Sandwich Panel for more information.

Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers

Aluminum composite panel suppliers:

As mentioned earlier, the number of ACP suppliers has increased significantly over the past few years. However, some have remained at the top. For the following paragraphs, we will talk about some well-known ACP suppliers in the world. You can also check Toronto Aluminum Composite Panel to find out more about these products in your city. 

3A Composites:

Being the inventor of ACP panels, 3A Composites is perhaps the most successful and recognized brand of aluminum composite panels. The company invented aluminum composite material ins the 1960s and had the patent until the 1990s. They are not only the developer of aluminum composite panels but also produce other structural composite materials, plastic sheets, and foam boards. 

Alucobond and Alucore are the two brands of the company mentioned above in the construction world. Furthermore, 3A Composites and its registered brands have different segments in core materials, architecture, designs, display, transport, and more. 

Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers

Reynobond & Reynolux:

Another well known ACP panel manufacturer is Reynobond and Reynolux. Though both of these brands are registered under the trademark of Arconic, they have different characteristics. Reynobond products use fire-resistant materials in the core sandwiched by coil-coated aluminum, brushed aluminum, or anodized material. The brand aluminum composite panels have low weight properties that weigh 3.4 times and 1.6 times less than steel and pure aluminum, respectively. 

Reynolux products, on the other hand, are suitable for commercial and industrial uses. They are pre-painted aluminum sheets, which make them ideal for signage and advertisement purposes. Their unique features, such as flexibility, durability, and enduring performance, have made Reynolux one of the top brands in the ACP industry. 


Alpolic claims to be “the global reader in metal composite manufacturing.” The company produces aluminum composite panels in Japan, Germany, and the United States. Served for more than four decades in the industry, Alpolic has been able to provide some top-notch aluminum composite panels with a variety of finishes. Furthermore, Alpolic has both fire retardant and polyethylene ACP cores that clients can decide and pick the preferred materials based on their usage. 

Alpolic has a variety of ACP finishes such as anodized aluminum, matt, metallic, mica, multi-color, prismatic, and shimmer finishes. They also have a 30-year warranty for their rigid yet flexible products. 

Although the number of aluminum composite panel suppliers are more than 200, choosing the best one can be challenging. Your contractor or installer can also give you more advice about choosing the correct ACP supplier. Therefore, before purchasing construction or decorative material, ensure that your provider meets your project requirements. You can also check Alu Composite Panel where we entirely explained these materials and the providers. 

Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers

The Verdict: What is the best ACM panel supplier?

The competitive world of ACP panel suppliers has been beneficial for the industry. In fact, in every business, a competitive environment helps the growth of that industry, and the ACP world is not an exception. Although we comprehensively introduce top-notch aluminum composite panel suppliers, choosing the best one entirely depends on your budget, application, location, and contractor.  

However, for selecting an appropriate ACP panel supplier, you should be aware of the cores of aluminum panels that we described earlier. Some of the cores are ideal for low-rise buildings, and interior decoration and others are suitable for external cladding and signage. Therefore, it’s best to have more information about aluminum composite panelsACP panels costs, and aluminum composite sheets before acquiring your lovely ACP material. 

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