Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminium composite panels

Aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panel is what the building industry needs to improve its attractiveness and durability. Aluminum composite panel is a new-aged construction and decorative material that was invented in Germany in 1969. Other materials such as cement, wood, and steel are not the most used construction element anymore. The high quality of ACM panels has made the other materials not so significant in the industry. You can visit Aluminum Composite Material Panels for more details.

Moreover, older materials are not eco-friendly products and get destroyed easily. However, nowadays we need new and useful stuff to make good buildings with high quality and resistance. Aluminum composite materials are the perfect solution since they have high-quality features. The features that we will explain later have made aluminum composite sheets the ideal material for numerous applications. For more info, visit ACM Panels.

What are aluminum composite panels?

Aluminum composite panel, like any other composite panel, is made up of three thin layers:

  • Two Aluminum Layers;
  • And the main core

The use of customers can change the core material since it can vary the panels’ fire behaviors. The core may be a honeycomb or a solid mineral filling. However, the standard ACP core is polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PU), which is highly combustible.

The cores’ combustibility has made significant issues for the past few years, making the manufacturers change the core material for exterior usages. Sandwich panels are used in applications where a mix of high structural requirements is needed. These panels have a lot of manufactures with different and high quality. Furthermore, they are resistant to fire if used with the correct core material. Take a look at aluminum composite sheet suppliers for more information.

The quality and premium features of ACP panels have made different manufacturers and companies invest in this industry. It is estimated that more than 200 companies are active in the process of aluminum composite panels, and the numbers are still growing. For more information, visit Aluminum composite panel suppliers.

aluminum composite panel

Aluminum Composite Panel Features


Aluminum is considered one of the most lightweight metal materials in the world. The lightweight of ACP panels makes them the best choice for cladding systems. Among other building materials, ACP is the most desirable one. Moreover, comparing to other materials such as brick, stone, metal, and even other composite materials, ACP is considered the lightest. Aluminum facades are about 90 percent lighter than granite stone, 85% lighter than cement, 75% lighter than glass, and 50% lighter than ordinary sheets.

The weight of aluminum composite panels has made them the perfect material for interior decoration as well. Moreover, they are used in the signage and transportation industry. For more information, visit aluminum composite sheets.

High quality  

These panels can be covered with two kinds of materials: Fluorocarbon and polyester. These two materials (Fluorocarbon and Polyester) help to make the surface a high-quality item. Furthermore, aluminum composite panel is not broken easily and can withstand harsh conditions if used as external cladding.

The coating of the panels plays a significant role in the quality of the panels. For instance, PVDF is used for the surface coating to keep the color durable and shiny like the first day of the purchase. 


ACP panels have a long life, which is quite considerable. Every construction material has to be durable, and ACP is aware of that. With the mix of zinc, magnesium, and copper, aluminum becomes very stable. The durability feature shows up in signage and advertisement applications where durability speaks first. Visit Aluminum Composite Material for more info.

Fire behavior  

Sandwich panels have different fire behaviors, resistance, and reaction, depending on the foam, the metal thickness, and the coating. The user will need to choose between the different sandwich panel types, depending on the requirements.

Bear in mind that your application, the number of the building floor, and the government position regarding the ACP panels all play a part in aluminum composite materials’ fire safety issues. For instance, for more than one-floor buildings, the fire retardant core material is essential; however, PE cores are also accepted for internal decoration. For more information regarding this issue, visit aluminum composite

aluminum composite panel

Fire resistance: 

Nowadays, making a building has so many different types of requirements. For instance, your facility must have a fire-resistance application. Hence, if your building has fire resistance, your tax credits will change and come down. Aluminum composite panels have high resistance to fire cover with a material known as fire-retardant materials (FR). Therefore, should an aluminum composite panel catches fire, it will not spread it to other areas. As mentioned before, pay extra attention to the core material when trying to purchase these products.


Aluminum composite panels have different thicknesses based on the application and the client’s usage. It can be changed with the customer’s needs. Furthermore, the core can also affect the width and depth of the panels.

The general thickness of ACP panels varies from 3mm to 6mm. For usages such as internal decoration, 3mm panels are advisable. Yet, for using aluminum materials for cladding or siding, more than 4mm thickness is required. Therefore, you need to consult with your provider. For more information, visit aluminum cladding

High flexibility

ACP has excellent features. First of all, they are easy to shape, cut, fold, and more. Second, they can be easily changed based on the clients’ orders. Furthermore, these characteristics let you use the ACP for challenging designs like the station’s roof that need to be folded. Even if a piece of the aluminum composite panel needs to be replaced, you can change only the board with a problem since it is quickly processed.

Most of the time, customers ask whether they can bend these materials or not. Although the clients can’t do the bending process, your provider can easily do it. For more information, visit ” Can you bend aluminum composite panels?


Aluminum can be painted in any kind of color, and ACPs are made in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors and patterns that copy other materials, such as wood or marble. ACP has about 150 different colors and patterns, allowing the customers to personalize their own needs. Additionally, this feature can remove the costs of various design purposes. For example, if you want to change your wall room color, you may have many different costs like painting and paper walls. However, only by using this wall decoration panel, all your needs are in one material.

Furthermore, if you are starting a business and need your logo on the walls cladding, aluminum composite panels are the ideal choice for printing your logo. 


The economical price is another feature of aluminum composite panels. This panel has many advantages; being cost-effective is one of them. You do not need to change the panels immediately. So, the cost of replacing materials will be reduced. They are a very cost-effective solution for building facades since they are relatively easy to install and replace. Since the materials are very light, a fixation point is not needed. For more information, visit the ACM panel cost

Weather resistance 

Aluminum panel is a sheet that has a gap between the upper and the bottom surface. This gap helps the panels to be weather resistant. For instance, rthis panel can keep the hot weather in your house in winter. However, in summer, it is exactly the opposite. It doesn’t allow any warm weather to enter. One important tip is that you need to make sure that your provider has sealed the panels correctly. Otherwise, any small mistakes could result in water leakage. You can read our newest article ACP Panel for more information.

Sound insulation  

If you need to have a good relaxing time, you need a quiet place. Aluminum composite panels can reduce noise because of the model of the structure. These features are used in all wall panels and facades and can make your home a peaceful area. Since the core plate is a folded arc type, a non-straight surface image is burned on the sound wave, and the acoustic wave coupling between the panel and the backplate is removed.

Environmental protection 

ACP panel is easy to clean and is entirely recyclable. Additionally, it doesn’t pollute the environment, making it an eco-friendly and green material. Therefore, if you worry a lot about our green Earth, using aluminum composite panels shouldn’t bother you. 


Among other things such as water and harsh weather, aluminum composite panel is corrosion-resistant. When aluminum is to open the free air, it makes a thin layer of aluminum oxide that makes aluminum facades corrosion resistant. They are also chemical resistant, meaning they can be used in the kitchen decoration and no harm will they experience. 


Sandwich panels are entirely flat, making them a perfect material for external cladding, internal decoration, signage, partitions and more. The flatness of these materials has helped them be used in other industries, such as transportation and aircraft.

aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panels applications

Aluminum composite panel applications are unbelievably variant. They are available from the facade, interior decoration to industry, and aircraft. 

Building facades  

Before dressing your building, you need to have more information about aluminum composite panels. Today having charming facades is essential and ACP is the most common choice for facades. ACP is considered an accessible material to create shapes that aren’t so straightforward to create with other facade materials. 

Furthermore, facades for harsh weather are essential, and keeping them healthy and clean can be laborious. However, aluminum composite panels have solved these problems. The fluorocarbon or PVDF covers up this panel. Even if there is tremendous damage, it will not affect the color of the board. Also, because of the lightweight nature of aluminum, the pressure of facades reduce. You can visit why to use an aluminum composite panel for more information. 

Some notable projects of Aluminum composite panel

One of the goals of managers today is to have a decent landscape for their buildings. The tower of Al Arab, symbol of Dubai, Al-Arab Hotel, and Mitsubishi factory building, Al- Nasser towers in Doha, Qatar, and others are some to mention. Though some critics were shot to the ACP panels because of their fire safety issues, the manufacturers have now entirely solved this problem. You can read our article named ACP Panel Manufacturers for more details. 

Indoor and outdoor usages 

The use of aluminum composite panels is not only for facades. The surface of the indoor aluminum composite panel is usually covered with a resin coating. These covers cannot adapt to the harsh outdoor situation. If used outdoors, the colors and patterns will get destroyed instantly.

On the other side, we can use ACP panels for outdoor usages such as cladding. Using some durable coatings, manufacturers can provide you a suitable cladding material that you have never experienced before.

aluminum composite panel

Reconstruction of old buildings 

You can recover your house safety with this panel quickly. Using, installing, and taking care of them is not challenging. Furthermore, they are available in various colors and patterns, making your new building astonishing and fascinating. Moreover, installing ACP panels is not challenging at all. Your contractor can install them just in a day. Therefore, you can save your time by choosing aluminum panels. Visit ACM Panel Installation for more details.

Advertisement boards and signboards 

Nowadays, you cannot ignore the significance of advertising. As previously mentioned, being corrosion resistant is one of the aluminum composite panel characteristics that is suitable for signboards and advertising boards. One of the usages is signboards in the road. Even if you start a new business, you are seen by an ACP panel in the entire city. Therefore, you can have a durable and cost-effective billboard for an extended period.

Airport, train stations, and bus stations 

Aluminum composite panel has both heat and sound insulation features. Mostly, airports, bus stations, and train stations are among the other applications of ACP panels. Aluminum composite panels are a perfect solution for these public places since they are trustable and robust. So, using ACP can be the best possible option.

Shopping mall, hotels, and exhibition 

All of these places need a big saloon, and ACP is accessible in various sizes and shapes. Moreover, hotel managers want to make quiet, warm, and stylish rooms. So, aluminum composite panels seem to be a reasonable choice here since they have decent insulation properties.

Tunnel-metro stations 

The high flexibility of the aluminum composite panel can give you a big tunnel without any limitations. All the building projects and industry facades are suitable for using the aluminum composite panel. Therefore, Because of this variety of use, products must be versatile and functional. 

Besides, different types of this panel with a variety of characteristics are made. Additional covering, core material, and different thicknesses are available in ACP panels. For example, panels with wood or mirror coating or some to mention. Other products are made by changing the core, and it depends on the place and projects that will be used. For example, FR (fire) is a sheet with a mineral-filled thermoplastic core bounded by two thin aluminum layers. The FR core is used in the high-level buildings where having a fire retardant material is crucial.

aluminum composite panel

Final verdict:

The invention of aluminum composite panels changed the view and the usage of construction material. Aluminum composite panels have high flexibility, and these panels can be used where other materials can’t. All panels come in many different standard colors and make your building or office work unique and engaging. Furthermore, they are anti-graffiti and easy to clean. You can check Aluminum Composite Sheet for more information.

Its distinctive features have made it a popular choice, which provides earthquakes and fire safety. Aesthetics and shaping the city charming is also essential. Additionally, protecting the environment from fires and returning to the environment are two other distinctive ACP panels’ features. The price is not as high as other materials, and it is much more straightforward to install and maintain them for an extensive period of time. To have the best results and performance, you can consider using aluminum as the best choice for your construction. For the ultimate guide for choosing the correct siding material in Canada, visit how to pick the right siding material for the Candian climate.

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