Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers

Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers

 Choosing the right supplier is an essential step for your construction project. Though you need to consider your budget before selecting the suitable material, the manufacturer’s choice is also another significant step in a project. No matter what material you pick for your siding project, external cladding, or interior decoration, you should choose the industry’s best ones. For this article, we will discuss aluminum composite sheet suppliers. However, if you need more information regarding this material, you can visit Aluminum Composite Material Panels.

Aluminum composite materials (ACM) are one of the well-recognized construction materials in the industry. The high-quality features of ACM panels are why these materials have turned the heads in the industry. Moreover, ACM panels have a reasonable price, which can be considered another reason for their popularity. You can find more information about aluminum composite panel cost in ACP Panel Price.

Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers

How many aluminum composite sheet suppliers are available?

Aluminum composite panel materials were first invented in 1969 by 3A Composites, formerly known as Alcan Composites & Alusuisse. Since the company patented the invention, it wasn’t available to other providers. However, after the trademark was finished, more companies managed to produce aluminum composite sheets. Today, the number of aluminum composite sheet suppliers has expanded to more than 200 major companies, and the industry is still growing.

The number of ACM sheet providers make the decision more challenging. Even though most aluminum composite panels have the same structures, some manufactures provide different structural materials to make the panels more durable and suitable for various applications. Therefore, we suggest doing in-depth research before purchasing ACP panels. You can visit Aluminum Composite Sheet for more information.

Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers

Which ACP manufacturers provide the best panels?

To answer this question, you need to know what makes an ACP panel the best from other composite materials and other ACP panels. The first essential characteristic of these panels is their core material. You must inquire about the core from the aluminum composite sheet suppliers. 

The core:

The core material is generally based on the fire resistance of the panels. For most panels, polythene (PE) is applied to the core. The use of PE in the core is usually restricted to internal applications such as interior decoration, false ceilings, wall covering, and partitions. However, if you have a two-floor building or more, it’s advisable to use fire-retardant materials. Some outdoor ACP panels applications are ACP cladding, signage, advertisement panels, transportation, and more. We need to mention that aluminum composite panels under no circumstances start a fire. But, if the PE is used, they can spread the fire, though the fire-retardant materials don’t spread the fire. Therefore, always ask your contractor for more information about their ACP panel core. Visit ACP Cladding for more in-depth details.

Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers

The coating: 

The coating is also varied based on each client’s usage. Additionally, the coating element can also increase or decrease the ACP Panel cost. For more information about aluminum composite panel prices, you can visit ACM Panel Costs.

The general coating material applied to the aluminum composite panels is polythene. As mentioned earlier, this material is beneficial in interior usage of ACM panels. In other words, exterior applications of aluminum composite panels require a rigid and more durable coating material. That’s why the PVDF coating is the most popular choice. Most aluminum composite sheet suppliers provide PVDF coating for their panels. However, some other suppliers can also offer Nano PVDF coating. The extension of using Nano in PVDF coating has some extra features. Using Nano PVDF coating, you can ensure that your panels always stay clean, and dirt will have nothing to do with them.

Some aluminum composite sheet suppliers can offer a variety of coating materials with various usages. Yet, the most recognized coating elements are PE, PVDF, and Nano PVDF. Therefore, you need to know some well-known ACM panel manufacturers.

Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers

Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers:

The number of ACM panel suppliers increases every day, and selecting the right one is not easy. Before purchasing your product, you need to contact aluminum composite sheet suppliers and ask them about their core and coating material and other structural properties. Here are some of the well-known ACM panel manufacturers:

3A Composites:

3A composite is the first supplier of ACM panels from the 1960s. They provide aluminum composite panels, structural composite materials, plastic sheets, and foam boards. Some of their well-known brands are Alucobond and Alucore. The company is accessible in 27 different locations worldwide, with more than 4 thousand employees.

The Alucobond products consist of two sheets of .020″ aluminum thermobonded and a fire-retardant core. Furthermore, they have met the requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) so that architectors and custom house builders can make the impossible designs possible. 3A Composite products can be used in a plethora of applications such as external cladding, internal decoration, signage, advertisement panels, and column covers, allowing architects to design inspiring ideas. 

Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers


Considered one of the leading composite materials suppliers, Alpolic sheets are manufactured under the most precise and rigid conditions. Alpolic aluminum composite panels are available in a variety of properties such s fire-retardant or PE cores. Moreover, their coating material is exceptional. Using PVDF or FEVE Resins, Alpolic panels can withstand the most severe conditions. 

Like other aluminum composite panels, Alpolic products is available in numerous applications such as wall cladding, siding projects, wall partitions, false ceilings, etc. Their wide range of color choices is not seen in any other aluminum composite sheet suppliers. More than 100 styles and customizations are available for Alpolic customers. Alpolic products are environmentally friendly and can give you the pleasure of having the best siding material available. For more information about choosing the best siding material, you can visit How to pick the right siding material for the Canadian Climate. 


Located in India, Alstrong is another aluminum composite panel leading manufacturer in the world. With the production of 50 million sq. ft. per year with more than five ACP production lines, Alstrong is the top ACP manufacturer in India and other countries. Alstrong products have a variety of options starting from fire-retardant materials and providing colorful designs with unique customizations. Some of Alstrong products include Coral, HPL Series, Imperium, Wood, and Marble designs, which have made this brand novel and popular. 

Alstrong products, like every other aluminum composite panel merchandise, have various usages. Architects use Alstrong products in industrial and commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, showrooms, apartments, gas stations, metro stations, airports, and more. The company is also active in Dubai.

Aluminum Composite Sheet Suppliers

Final Verdict: What does the future hold for ACM panels?

Aluminum composite panel products and their suppliers have been with the construction industry for more than six decades. These panels’ unique features have made them favorite among different people, and it seems the popularity rises every day. For the past few years, governments have put some restrictions on aluminum composite panels. However, aluminum composite sheet suppliers have used innovative ideas to make the ACP panels great again. You can also read Aluminum Composite Panels for comprehensive details about these materials. 

Each aluminum composite sheet supplier has different products. The number of products makes the decision more challenging. In this article, we explained some significant structural properties of ACM panels and how to choose the right material based on your usage. It is always advisable to contact your provider for more details; however, having some background knowledge about ACM sheets is still beneficial. You can also contact our experts to have a better idea of how aluminum composite panels work. 

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