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Exterior Modified Wood

We supply exterior wood materials & services including Thermally Modified Wood Profiles. These wood profiles are used for Exterior Wooden Wall Cladding, Wood Siding, Wood Paneling, Hardwood Flooring, Poolside Decking, Sunshade, Pergola, Outdoor Furniture, Sauna Sheathing, Wood Paneling Soffit Works, etc. For more information, please feel free to contacts us.


Timber Profiles Applications


Flooring / Decking

Poolside / Sauna

Sunshade / Pergola

Terrace / Patios

Soffit Work

Roof Garden Furniture


Wood Profiles Types

Ash vs Pine vs Cedar Comparison

In Wiedehopf we offer a range of wood profiles for different applications. Three of the widely used species of wood profiles in Canadian architecture are Pine, Cedar and Ash.

Ash is one of the most durable varieties of hardwoods. It is very strong and highly resistant to scratch. So, it became one of the most favorable materials for the decking and flooring purposes alongside the siding applications.

Pine and Cedar, on the other hand, are two species of softwood and are mainly used for wall-cladding, railing and shingle roofing and siding.

As a result of thermal modification, those species become remarkably durable against moisture, rot, beetles, fungus and sapwood! They also become more dimensionally stable.

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  • Exterior Wall Cladding
  • Terrace Decking & Patio
  • Flooring & Poolside Decking
  • Sunshades & Pergolas
  • Sauna Benching & Jacuzzi
  • Furniture & Cabin Units
  • Soffit Work & False ceiling
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Exterior & Landscape Design
  • Installation & Implementation
  • Maintenance & Repair


Wood Profiles Features.

100% Natural (Chemical-Free)

Thermal modification of wood is one of the most effective processes to naturally improve the timber's property & durability. This process is done in high temperature, in a controlled environment, and without using any chemicals OR toxic additives. Additionally, since this type of wood is also resin-free, that also improves its workability features.


Bug- & Rot-Resistant

Thermally modified wood has low level of moisture and nutrition content for bugs, fungus, etc. For that reason, this type of wood is highly resistant against the growth of micro-organisms and insects. Moreover, this thermal wood is a very reliable choice of material for exterior wooden wall cladding, outdoor decking, poolside flooring and sunshades.


Weather Resistant

Due to its low level of moisture content, this type of wood is highly resistant to weather fluctuations. As a result, when temperature drops below freezing, moisture is NOT trapped as frost. It goes without saying that in ordinary untreated wood profiles, frost dramatically intensifies the rate of shrinking and eventually the rate of cracking.


Sustainable (Renewable)

Thermally modified wood contains no ecological hazard whatsoever. Because the whole production process is done in a thermally controlled environment and adding steam in order to prevent cracking and burning. Therefore, this kind of timber is one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials available in the market.


Dimensionally Stable Timber

Thermal wood's dimension is significantly more stable when compared to ordinary lumber. As the result of thermal modification, shrinkage and swelling is reduced by up to 90%. This is because, after the modification process, this type of wood is less likely to absorb moisture. Another reason for this phenomenon is the depletion of resin.

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