Earth is Beautiful – Happy Earth Day 2022!

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day calls us to cherish the gifts our planet has given and consider the ways in which we can keep it beautiful. Let us move forward with conviction and passion, as we continue towards a sustainable world.

Happy Earth Day, from all of us at Wiedehopf!


Earth is beautiful. From snow swept mountains above to bright coral reefs below, our planet is a jewel for all of us to cherish.

We hear the familiar sound of birds, as we walk through forests where no two trees are alike. We climb great hills, and our eyes are treated to the valley below. From east to west, the wind carries warmth, the freshness of spring.

For all these gifts, how have we repaid the earth?

We have treated the earth as if its endurance was a given. Rolling plains have long bore our garbage. Our sky coughs from the miasma of smoke, which grows from our cities and beats upon our atmosphere. Fish find no home in the islands of plastic, which dot our oceans in great number.

Let this earth day be a turning point. To shift the tide, and heal our earth, we must act united. Dressing and cleaning the wounds of our planet can only be possible when we all take responsibility, and make sustainability a rallying cry.

Wiedehopf invites you to set aside some time this earth day, to consider the role you play in our planet’s future. We take care to invest in ourselves and loved ones, now let us grant the same blessing to the earth that has given so much. On earth day, let everyone be accounted in the cause. In partnership for the planet, we have the power to act, innovate, and implement change that can build back an earth that endures.

Let us come together so our children can one day look upon the natural world and say:

Earth is beautiful.

Earth Day

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