The Buildings Show 2021: Our Participation.

It’s been two days since we took part in the Buildings Show 2021 (TBS21) and we’ve already missed it! We would like to thank all who came to booth 1107 at TBS21. We hope you liked our services and products as much as we enjoyed chatting with you.

In these sensitive times that we live in, it is crucial to unite and believe in the power of together. During the three days of the exhibition at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, we talked with wonderful people who shared the same passion for construction and crafting fascinating buildings.

The Buildings Show 2021

The Building Show has made the opportunity for companies to present their materials and services and for you to attend, learn, and involve. The show comprises Construct Canada, PM Expo, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, and World of Concrete Toronto Pavilion.

Among the exhibitors who participated in TBS21, we had the honor to exhibit along with some of our friends and peer groups such as Nuewal, Alumtech, Vicwest, Gentek, Sky Products, and Trespa.

Our participation in the event

This year in TBS21, Wiedehopf practiced the power of together. Many people and companies came by booth 1107 and joined us in sharing the same passion. We discussed the future of exteriors and the importance of sustainability in building the most beautiful buildings while respecting great nature. We have worked hard for more than 15 years to become Canada’s leading cladding contractor. Wiedehopf takes pride in supplying cladding materials that help us achieve the dream of living in a green world.

The exhibition at TBS21 gave us the opportunity to exhibit our 2021 cladding materials—including aluminum composite material (ACM), thermally modified wood, aluminum siding, metal mesh, HPL, and PVC. By offering various versatile materials, we provide solutions for every creative mind and any application—exterior and interior.

We have been able to create a positive impact on the show. The positive response from the visitors was quite impressive. The presence of our booth generated a lot of positive energy for us. We are very thankful to all the people who took the time to visit us.


Our business has flourished over the past years, and we believe in the long-term sustainability of the industry. The best way to achieve this is to grow slowly, steadily, and decently. We believe the experts in the construction industry have been and will continue to be our best partners, and we are more than excited to embark on this journey together.


We are looking forward to seeing you all again at TBS22!

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