Wood Polymer Composite: Wiedehopf’s Newest Material

Wood Polymer Composite represents the latest in design and durability. Wiedehopf is proud to bring this novel cladding innovation to customers across southern Ontario.

Wood Polymer Composite has all the makings of a great modern cladding product. Wiedehopf is proud to be amongst the early adopters of this novel innovation. Wood Polymer Composite is touted for its luxurious wood finish, castellated profile, and durability that outlives comparable products. Architects love its design possibilities. Contractors appreciate its intuitive installation methods. Property owners enjoy a maintenance-free exterior that adds lasting value to their home or commercial building.

Wood Polymer Composite is still new to the market–you may be wondering what it is and how it can benefit your next cladding project. Read on for the scoop on Wood Polymer Composite and why Wiedehopf is excited to be adding it to their quality-packed product roster.

Wood Polymer Composite Wiedehopf's Newest Material

What is Wood Polymer?

Wood Polymer Composite is a dense material that is produced when wood is combined with polymer and is encased in a plastic cap. Polymer to wood ratios varies from 4:1 to 3:2. This epoxy is poured into a variety of molds that each accommodate different wood profiles. When set, the wood polymer is wrapped with a plastic cap textured to simulate wood. This cap increases the durability of the product for outdoor usage.

Wood Polymer Benefits

Future-Forward Design

The classic wood look is not going anywhere soon. With the rising popularity and usage of Wood Polymer Composite, the woodgrain aesthetic has never been in a better place. While traditional plank profiles make Wood Polymer a common choice for decking, it is castellated profiles which are the craze when it comes to cladding. This castellated design creates a batten effect that adds depth, texture, and intrigue to any building’s exterior.

Wood Polymer Benefits

Wood Polymer Composite can fit together seamlessly and make entire walls look like one uniform block of wood. Many design possibilities play into this strength. It is wood as we have always known it, being used in ways once thought unimaginable. With many color options to boot, Wood Polymer Composite gives designers and architects the power to drive the new wave of cladding design.

Resilient and Durable

Wood Polymer Benefits - Resilient and Durable

The polymer wrap that surrounds all Wood Polymer Composite products are built for long-term outdoor usage. Resilient to stains, fading, and scratches, the caps cover the entirety of the product and are suitable to all exterior purposes from decking, to fencing, to cladding. Wood Polymer Composite outlasts natural wood when it comes to durability, making this product a worthwhile option for anyone seeking the wood look for their exterior design.


Much of the raw material used to make Wood Polymer Composite is recycled! Manufacturers melt down recycled plastic bottles and mix them with wood that is reclaimed from the cutting room floor. Wood Polymer Composite cladding makes something strong, long-lasting, and beautiful from elements that before would have simply been thrown away. A notable manufacturer in the space, NewTechWood, claims that recycled material makes up 95% of their products.

Wood Polymer Benefits - Sustainable

Wood Polymer Composite Use Cases

Wood Polymer can be used for interior purposes, but the product’s touted durability loans itself well to cladding. A popular option for decking, fencing, and cladding, Wood Polymer can be a medium for holistic exterior design that synergizes the look of all exterior elements.

As the batten effect grows in popularity, the castellated profile of Wood Polymer will grow in demand. This intricate yet simple aesthetic modernizes the natural wood look, creating mindful, creative, and unique spaces. For this, Wood Polymer is most commonly used in the residential market.

Colors and Finishes

When working with natural wood, the choices in way of color are limited by your region’s access to a particular species of wood. With Wood Polymer Composite, a myriad of distinct wood finishes can be emulated. From cedar to ebony, from ipe to teak, the world’s finest wood finishes are at your design disposal. Varying more than just in color, these unique finishes are also textured based on the wood type they are emulating.

Wood Polymer Composite Use Cases

Wood Polymer Cladding Installation

The installation of Wood Polymer cladding is intuitive and allows for a proper rainscreen. Planks can be arranged horizontally or vertically, and are fastened to joists that are fixed along the substrate. Clips allow for fastening that is invisible in the finished product. A variety of trims are available – which match the properties of the base material – to frame every corner and edge of the cladding. With a proper Air Vapor Barrier, waterproofing an exterior with Wood Polymer installation is easy.

Where to Buy Wood Polymer Composite?

Where to Buy Wood Polymer Composite?

As leaders in the cladding industry, Wiedehopf designs, supplies, fabricates, and installs Wood Polymer Composite! For all the reasons listed above, we are excited about the high potential of this novel product and want you to enjoy all of the benefits of cutting-edge exterior design. Whether you are an architect, contractor, or property owner, your next project can benefit from Wood Polymer Composite.
Wiedehopf has the creative designs, manufacturer connections, and installation know-how to make Wood Polymer Composite the best part of your next exterior cladding project. For more information, reach out to our cladding experts at +1(905) 761 9791.

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