ACM for Branding: Aluminum Composite Material to Clad Commercial Buildings

If you live in the world of commercial property, you know that a good exterior design bolsters the business happening within. Determining the best cladding solution for your building plays a role in its success. So, what product is going to get you the edge you need by living up to and communicating your brand?

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is becoming the clear and easy answer for many reasons. ACM panels heighten commercial property, are customizable to specific branding, and rise above the noise of the most crowded markets.

What do ACM-clad commercial properties imply, and what is their potential for solidifying corporate identity? Here’s what your business, partners, and customers will enjoy about this modern cladding solution:

ACM for Branding

Invite Luxury

Acm For Branding - Invite Luxury

When potential customers see that care has been put into your building’s exterior, they are likely to enter your commercial property with confidence.

ACM is still new on the market, and the first thing it will indicate is that recent work has been put into the building. Whatever is going on inside, the outside reveals that it is current and that your business takes pride in what it does.

When we get a gift for someone we value, part of the gesture is the care we take to wrap it beautifully for them to open and explore. ACM is going to act in the same way. Its smooth skin and glossy finish are luxurious, and its novel look invites customers, partners, and clients into the future of design.

Demonstrate What’s Inside

The outside of a building is important, but ultimately, a commercial property’s value lies within. The goal of exterior design is to work in service to the interior. ACM works in performance to what goes on at your building and, in the right setting, performs the meaning and function of your property.

This is what makes ACM excellent for tech, automotive, and office contexts. If you are selling the latest phones, computers, and televisions, why not do so in a building with a similar cutting-edge gloss? Are you selling or fixing cars at your property?

Clad your building with an exterior that looks fresh off the lot. You dress for success when a big client is coming into the office.

With ACM, your building will do likewise! You get the idea. These symbols are subtle. Visitors to your building will feel them rather than explicitly be able to point them out. ACM sets the stage for a commercial experience that will linger on their minds.

ACM can also be used for an interior design unlike any other! Intricate patterns and designs can make for office space that inspires creativity.

ACM’s luxurious gloss is the perfect backdrop to products in a retail setting. The possibilities to create synergy between the outdoors and in are limited only by imagination.

Maintain ACM and the Margins

Acm For Branding - Maintain ACM, and the Margins

The expenses of a commercial property do not end at construction. Maintenance of exterior cladding includes regular labour, effort, and material costs.
The sourcing costs of initially obtaining ACM pay off with a great return, as the elemental durability of the material mitigates expensive repairs and maintenance. To get a sense of the ease of maintaining ACM, you can read this article on best cleaning practices.
The reality is that wear and tear on your building reflects on your brand. With an exterior product that is easy to care for, it takes little effort to show the pride you take in the commercial property and everything found within.

Cladding is one of the last things you want in mind when you are considering your margins. Make this element of your business easy by cladding commercial property with ACM.

Branding Your Building

Your business is unique to the one operating across the street. Get an exterior that reflects your brand! You can now customize the colour of your ACM paint to match your brand perfectly. Branding is how you present yourself with power and consistency, and your exterior should be no departure!

Reinforce Brand Colors

Acm For Branding - Reinforce Brand Colors

Somewhere in your business, there is likely a marketer with a cherished file containing all the specific HEX codes attached to your brand identity. For example, Wiedehopf’s colour is not just red; it is #BF182F. These crucial elements of your brand identity need not be excluded from your building.

With ACM, you can create standout corporate identity architecture. Many of the popular manufacturers in the space, such as Alpolic and Alucobond, even have unique categories of finishes listed under brand identity. ACM can turn your building into a pillar of your corporate identity program.

Acm For Branding - Reinforce Brand Colors

With ACM’s unlimited potential for painting and finishing, you are not choosing from a handful of options but rather enjoy the freedom to use the shades that are exactly tailored to your brand identity.

Acm For Branding - McDonald's

Have two complementary brand colours? With panelling, the opportunity to create distinct patterns on your wall is endless. Checker them for a playful look, or accent the corners with contrasting colours to a powerful effect.

McDonald’s is an excellent case study in this regard. As their brand has matured, black and white are seen more often in contrast to the jovial yellow and red the fast-foot giant is known for, giving their restaurants a touch of luxury.

Stand Out in the Market

Acm For Branding - Stand Out in the Market

With zoning rules and a need to be conveniently located, your business will likely find a home nestled amongst many others–perhaps even competitors. With bold ACM clad, you will enjoy an exterior that pops out.
Customers who are familiar with your branding will know exactly where to go, just by a quick scan of the shopping center. If you are located in a hectic parking lot coming off a bustling intersection, this is a valued convenience for those seeking your business.
When finding where to turn in, colour on the walls of a building is safer and easier to notice than the text on a sign.

Acm For Branding - Stand Out in the Market

Those who are yet to be introduced to your brand will be treated to a notable first impression. The novelty of ACM makes for an easily noticed landmark that is quick to become a staple in a person’s commute.
Branding relies on reinforcement. What better tool for this could you find than the lasting exterior of a beautiful building that rises from the crowd?
If you lease commercial property or manage an entire mall or complex, you have a unique problem to solve. How do you maintain synergy while affording an accommodating space for a range of commercial tenants who serve distinct markets?
You will find that black, white, or gray ACM goes with just about everything, all while maintaining a coherent and modern aesthetic that reflects your reputation as the property’s owner.

Acm For Branding - Stand Out in the Market

The Power of Minimalism

Less is more in modern design. What is creative to one person might be tacky to another. Specific trends and styles grow, change, and disappear quicker than a leaf in October. For lasting impact, keep things simple. ACM’s smooth and crisp body goes a long way in this regard.

Needing to change with the times is going to wreak havoc on the margins. Baked into ACM is a simplicity that is hard to find in competing products. The beauty of minimalism is that it leaves blank space for positive interpretation down the road.

It is an open slate to which future tastes can attach their concepts of modernity. ACM brings an innate minimalist quality that reaches toward timelessness.

Acm For Branding - The Power of Minimalism

A brand needs to be memorable, and chaotic design flairs are going to overwhelm minds rather than linger in them. Embrace the design freedom, but do not get lost on the way. Choose ACM cladding and toast to the long-lasting aesthetic of your building.
Excited about bringing ACM into the fold for your commercial property? Wiedehopf stands ready to partner with you! If you call on our aid for your next project, you will enjoy the insight, resources, and skills that are evident in every panel.

Acm For Branding - The Power of Minimalism


Clad commercial property with confidence, with an all-in-one workflow that cuts no corner between concept and finished product. Your building and brand will be honoured for years with Wiedehopf’s ACM panels.

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