ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

Having a safe, appealing, and durable cladding material is essential for every construction. For the past decades, cladding materials had one of the characteristics mentioned above; however, it was hard to find a jack-of-all-trade one. The materials used in cladding should be appealing. The exterior look of a building is the first thing that people notice. Moreover, durability and safety are critical for construction cladding. Although having an attractive construction is necessary, it is not enough, and more factors such as durability come handy in the long term. That’s the reason aluminum composite panels cladding (ACP) have emerged for the past few years. They have the best features that you would expect from a siding material.

Aluminum composite panels are the new age construction and decorative material used in external cladding, internal decoration, signage, false ceiling, and partitions. ACP applications have changed since their invention; however, none is more beneficial than cladding and decoration. For initiating this article, we’ll start with the safety tips of ACP cladding, then we’ll move to the aluminum composite panel features, and finally, we’ll have a reasonable verdict so that you can choose the perfect siding solution for your construction. For more details, we recommend visiting Aluminum Sandwich Panel.

ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

Is ACP cladding really safe?

The safety debate of aluminum composite panels is still ongoing, and the governments have made no firm conclusions. Nevertheless, each government has its position regarding the safety issue of ACP cladding. The debate starts mainly from the core of aluminum composite panels. ACPs are construction materials that include two layers of aluminum and a core. The materials that are used in the core defines the combustibility of aluminum composite panels.

ACP materials manufacturers mostly use polymer in the core. However, the polymer is highly flammable, making it not suitable for ACP cladding. The panels which employ more than 30% of the polymer are not ideal for cladding or external usages. Therefore, the polymer core is mostly applied in the building’s interior parts, where a fire safety issue is not as significant as cladding. Internal decoration, false ceilings, and partitions are ACP polymer cores applications, yet this could also change by the client’s request. You can check our newest article about PE materials by visiting Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panels.

ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

For increasing the safety of ACP cladding, most aluminum composite panel suppliers have used non-combustible materials in the core. The most well recognized ACP core is the mineral-filled ones. The core of these panels is filled with mineral elements, making them completely safe. The mineral-filled cores don’t catch fire, nor do they spread them. For more information regarding the ACP suppliers, visit aluminum composite panel suppliers.

 Even though mineral-filled cores are the most appliable core in ACP cladding, other choices such as honeycomb and fire retardant cores are also available. Different aluminum composite panel manufacturers have a variety of fire rating cores. However, what defines the core material is your project’s usage and application; therefore, it is advisable to communicate with your provider for more information.

ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

What has made ACP panels proper for cladding?

When we mention aluminum composite panels as the best cladding material available, we need to have reasons to prove it. Nothing is better proof than the high-quality characteristics of aluminum composite materials. ACPs have a variety of premium features, which is hard to find all in available construction material. The most important of which are:

Design flexibility

A cladding material needs to have the perfect versatility for a project. Aesthetics is the key feature of an eye-catching construction. No other element can reach the charming look of aluminum composite panels because of its flexibility. The flexibility of aluminum panels has made them the best choice for siding and wall coverings. Sometimes more questions pop into clients head such as the bending process of ACP panels. For more information, visit Can you bend aluminum composite panels?


The fact that aluminum composite panels can be used for cladding is a signature of their high enduring feature. Even the most extreme and harsh situation or weather conditions can’t harm aluminum composite panels. Moreover, ACP panels are corrosion resistant, meaning they can be used for years to come. Furthermore, they can withstand even the coldest and warmest weather in severe conditions.

UV resistant

The UV-resistant feature of aluminum composite panels is apart from their durability. The PVDF coating applied to the panels makes them rigid against color fading and the UV rays. Therefore, ACPs, when used as a cladding material, will have no fading color for the long term.

ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

The colorful world of ACP cladding

The features we mentioned earlier were mostly related to their durability and flexibility. However, aesthetics also play a significant role in the client’s choice. That’s why most manufacturers have aluminum composite panels in different colors and a variety of textures and finishes. If you want a solid color for your construction or just a wooden, brushed surface, aluminum panels have all the types that you need. The clients can further customize aluminum composite panels. Therefore, if you have a company and want to print your logo on the panel, ACP materials seem to be the ideal choice.

Insulation properties

Aluminum composite panels can provide excellent heat and sound insulation to your building when used as a cladding material. Moreover, you can use them with double-glazed windows and make the insulation properties more powerful. They are designed in a way that provides excellent insulation and can also give you some proper ventilation.


The first thing that we based our decision is our budget. Aluminum composite panels are cost-effective, meaning that they can save you lots of money in the short term and the long term. A cost-effective material provides you the functionality compared to the cost. For more information, visit aluminum composite panel cost.

ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

Easy installation

Aluminum composite panels installation is not a demanding challenge. Although it doesn’t mean that you can install the panels, your contractor can easily install the panels without taking a lot of your time. The aluminum composite panel sheets can easily be cut, bent, or folded for the preferable design and can be installed quickly. Bear in mind that your contractor needs to seal the panel in a precise manner; otherwise, it could result in water leakage in rainy weather.

Furthermore, suppose for any reason you wanted to maintain the panels or even clean them. In that case, this process is also not a difficult task. A simple wash can instantly clean the dirt. For more information, refer to ACP panel installation.

ACP Cladding; The Best Solution For Your Construction Project

The Verdict; Is ACP panel ideal for external cladding?

Aluminum composite panels have been in the construction industry for more than five decades. These siding materials have been able to turn the heads in the industry. They have been used for different applications, the most important of which is ACP cladding.

Although the governments declared some safety issues about ACP cladding, manufacturers have successfully provided the correct material to increase fire safety. Different core materials are used in the ACP panels. It is your choice with the contractor’s advice to choose the best possible core material for your application.  For more info, visit aluminum composite panel manufacturers.

What has made ACP panels the ideal element for external cladding is not a single factor. Many factors and high-quality features have assisted ACP panels to be the best possible solution for exterior cladding. The versatility, durability, stability, variety, and the price have made ACP panels unique in the construction industry and custom house building. We explained why ACP panels are suitable for external wall covering. Now, it is your turn to choose the right material for your project.

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