ACP Panel Price; The Budget-Friendly Construction Material

The number of construction materials has grown so much in the last few years that choosing the right one is challenging. Most clients choose their material based on their budget. Yet, finding high-quality material at a reasonable price is more demanding. Therefore, most people get lost in the world of building elements. However, aluminum composite panels (ACP) have made our situation more manageable. ACP panel is considered a cost-effective material at a moderate price. What makes this more interesting is the quality of these panels. One may think it’s impossible to have these qualities at a decent cost. For more information visit aluminum composite panels.

Aluminum composite panel is a construction, decorative and cladding material that was invented in the 1960s. The rapid growth of these materials makes them one of the most used construction elements in the industry. More aluminum composite panel suppliers then emerged. The ACP panel price soon became competitive, with one manufacturer providing a more reasonable price than the others. This competition still exists in the world of aluminum composite panels. More than 200 aluminum composite suppliers are now available in the industry with different ACP panel prices. For more information regarding the manufacturers, visit aluminum composite panel suppliers.

In this article, we’ll talk more about ACP panel prices and the variety of options you have in choosing what suits you the best based on your budget. We will also discuss the quality of aluminum composite panels and what makes them the perfect cost-effective material in the industry. Visit ACM panels cost for a better preview on aluminum composite costs.

ACP Panel Price; The Budget-Friendly Construction Material

ACP options and clients choice

What makes a significant impact on the ACP panel price is basically your application and what you choose to use for it. Aluminum composite panels have different core properties. Moreover, they are available in different colors, finishes, sizes, and structural properties. All of these elements have a direct influence on the price.

Which ACP panel core is suitable for your project?

As mentioned earlier, aluminum composite panels have different core properties. Producing other aluminum composite panel cores started from the obstacles regarding the fire safety materials. According to the statistics, materials with having more than 30% of polymer in their core are in prominent danger of spreading fire. Therefore, aluminum composite panel manufacturers decided to either use less than 30% of the polymer or apply fire-retardant properties.

The polymer core consists of polythene sandwiched between two layers of aluminum. Because of their fire-safety issue, they are mostly used in interior parts of the buildings. Applications such as internal decoration, false ceilings, and partitions are examples of polymer core in aluminum composite panels. The polymer ACP panel cost is even more reasonable and cost-effective comparing to other core properties.

On the other hand, fire-retardant elements are the safer option for ACP panels, and their price is more than that of the polymer core. A mineral filled core is one of the few structures used in ACP panels. They are an excellent barrier against fire. That’s the reason most architects, clients, engineers, and custom house builders use them for external cladding of skyscrapers, road signs, advertisement panels, transportation, and even the aircraft industry. Fire-retardant ACP panel cores do not start a fire, nor spread one. For more details, we recommend visiting Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panels.

Choosing the right core all depends on your usage. A two or one-floor building can also use the polymer core for external cladding based on the government’s regulations. For more than two-floor buildings, mineral-filled cores are advisable. For more information regarding this issue, you can read our in-depth article about aluminum composite sheets.

ACP Panel Price; The Budget-Friendly Construction Material

ACP color sheet

The variety of colors in aluminum composite panels are exceptional. Whether you want ACP panels for your corporate, personal use, or just a customized design, there is always an option available. Aluminum composite sheets have different solid colors, finishes, and corporate plans. You can even print your logo on them. All of these can hugely affect the ACP panel price.

The customization in these panels has made them an appealing material. Some clients prefer to have the pre-designed finishes and textures such as metallic, sparkle, wooden, brush, and spectra textures. This extra customization can increase the panel price comparing to the solid colors. We recommend contacting your supplier for more information and also visit aluminum composite material.

ACP Panel Price; The Budget-Friendly Construction Material

Aluminum composite panel sizes

Aluminum composite panels have different sizes. Their width, length, and thickness vary according to the projects. It is pretty evident that the size can also affect the ACP panel price. For more information, you can check our article about aluminum sandwich panel. 

The standard length of aluminum panels is 2440mm. However, due to the clients’ demand, the length can be customized to other sizes such as 2000, 3000, or even more. The size is not limited; however, some factors such as the ease of transportation must be taken into consideration.

The standard width of the panels also alters based on the project. They are generally available in 1220, 1250, 1500, 1750mm, and more. More importantly, the thickness starts from 3 mm and can be increased to 6mm. It is suggested for indoor applications to use 3 mm panels since for interior decoration you need more delicate materials. However, for external cladding of the constructions and siding, 4mm thickness is required. Furthermore, for advertisement panels which require strong durability, even 6mm materials are used.

ACP Panel Price; The Budget-Friendly Construction Material

Aluminum composite panel structure

Aluminum composite panels providers try to produce materials that have the best structural element. Whether or not an aluminum composite sheet has the following formats can influence the ACP panel price. You can also check our other article about alu composite panel for more info.

ACM panels generally have protective film as their main strong layer. The installer can also remove the protective film after the installation process. Moreover, another element protects the color from fading in the long term, called the PDVF coating. Although some other coating elements such as Nano coating can be used, PDVF coating is generally applied so that the ACP panel can become a cost-effective material. Other coating materials, namely polythene, can also be applied.

Though the PDVF coating might be considered one of the most critical structural elements of ACP panels, that’s not the only one. Most ACM panel manufacturers provide other structural properties such as primer, adhesive film, and service coating to the ACP panel that can extensively modify the ACP panel price.

ACP Panel Price; The Budget-Friendly

What makes the ACP panel a cost-effective material?

If you are still not convinced about the low cost of ACP panels and whether they are reasonable or not, you need to know these panels’ qualities. Then, you can make a more rational decision.


If you buy a construction material that couldn’t last for at least a decade, then that material can’t be regarded as cost-efficient. Aluminum composite panels are incredibly durable, rigid and can withstand the severe conditions.


Aluminum composite panels have the flexibility that other materials can’t offer. The core elements used in these materials provide exceptional flexibility for facades, claddings, and interior decoration.

Insulation properties

Using aluminum composite sheets for ACP cladding can further improve your construction’s insulation properties. Moreover, using a double-glazed window with ACP panels can also make heat and sound insulation more efficient.


The weight of aluminum composite panels is so light that they are even used in the transportation and aircraft industry. Aluminum is generally acknowledged as a light element, and using them as a composite material makes them even more lightweight.

Ease to install

ACP panels don’t require much hard work to get installed. Your provider has the best types of equipment for installing the aluminum composite panels. They can make it happen in just a day or a week based on the application. Visit ACM Panel Installation Guide for more details.

The wide variety of high-quality ACP panel features are not limited to the characteristics feature above. ACM panels have more premium features that you can find in our new article ACM Panels. These characteristics have made these materials highly efficient and budget-friendly.

ACP Panel Price; The Budget-Friendly

Final thoughts: Is ACP panel price budget-friendly?

Many factors can influence the ACP panel price, and we entirely went through them in this article. Aluminum composite panels have different core materials; they are available in various sizes, colors, structural properties, and more. All of these factors have a direct influence on the ACP panel price and can vary concerning the client’s usage.

Aluminum composite panels provide exceptional qualities. In fact, these qualities determine whether these panels are budget-friendly or not. It is now your turn to make a rational decision and decide whether aluminum composite materials are a suitable element for your project or not. If you reach a positive conclusion, you can contact our experts. We are here to help you with the best possible advice, tips, or solutions for your building project. If you are searching for more details, you can also check out our article about ACP aluminum. 

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