Aluminum Sandwich Panel

What makes a sandwich delicious? It’s definitely not the bread, and indeed, it’s not the food ingredients. It’s more or less the combination of the bread and the food ingredient that makes the sandwich delicious and eye-catching which is also the same for the construction materials.

For instance, aluminum composite panels are made up of two aluminum sheets with a PE or FR core. The PE core is in the middle of the two aluminum panels. That’s the reason they also call aluminum composite panels (ACP) aluminum sandwich panel.

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But are these aluminum sandwich panels really delicious? If we want to admit that these materials worth the price and the cost, we need to know more about them. For this article, we will take a look at their structural properties.

Then, we’ll mention their best features, and finally, we’ll take a look at the aluminum sandwich panel applications. You can also check our other article about visit Aluminum Panel for more details.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

What Is In the Sandwich Panel?

Before making the final decision to use aluminum composite panels, you need to know the ingredients in the sandwich panel. For this purpose, we’ll introduce the structural properties of ACM panels.

The general structure of aluminum materials consists of two aluminum sheets with the central core. The core material is of great importance since it can affect the performance and the function of the panels. As a result, it is crucial to have more knowledge of these elements.

The most common material that is applied in the core is polyethylene. Due to its cost-effective nature, ACM panel manufacturers use PE as the central core material. However, its usage is most sensible in interior applications, and broader uses such as cladding and road signage are not suggested. The reason behind that is their fire behavior.

In case of emergencies and fire, the PE core has the vulnerability to spread fire faster than expected. As a result, some governments have banned the PE core in construction projects, whereas the other has allowed the use of PE core in one or two-floor buildings. Therefore, before purchasing any aluminum composite materials, be sure to check the rules of structures in your area.

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Using PE cores is not the only solution and ingredient in the aluminum sandwich panel. Most providers and ACP manufacturers today produce aluminum sandwich panel with other core materials such as fire-retardant elements.

Thus, the previous problems mentioned with the fire behavior has now been resolved. Some examples of fire-retardant materials are honeycomb and mineral-filled core. As a result, you can use FR core materials for exterior usages and high-floor buildings.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

Other Structural Properties

Other structural properties of aluminum sandwich panel include protective film, color coating, pretreatment, mill finish, and polyester service coating. All of these structural elements make your sandwich more delicious, and your panels will have more quality.

However, it is also essential to mention the difference between PE and PVDF coating. The PE coating has the same behavior as the PE core. Therefore, it is advisable to use it for interior usage. However, the PVDF coating is more durable and is better for exterior applications. For more information, you can also visit Aluminum Composite Material Patterns.

What Are the Aluminum Sandwich panel Features?

We mentioned some of the most critical structural properties of aluminum panel features, but these properties provide some advantages and features that are mostly unique for sandwich panels. Here are the aluminum sandwich panel features:


The first feature that comes to mind about a construction material is durability. It’s a fact that you can’t build a construction every one, five or even ten years. Consequently, you need to have material that can last for years to come. Aluminum sandwich panels offer outstanding durability, which is essential for construction material.


Although durability is essential for every construction material, it needs to be combined with flexibility for more construction options. The structural properties of aluminum panels have allowed them to provide the flexibility that is not evident in any other elements. Therefore, no matter what shape you have in your mind for your project, you can always rely on aluminum sandwich panel for cladding or interior decorations.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel; The Ingredients and Its Best Features


Heat and sound insulation play a significant role in our projects. By using ACM panels, you can make sure that no sound will enter your building, and no amount of heat will leave there. Use ACM panels with double-glazed windows to double the effect of insulation properties.

Various Color Choices

Another feature of aluminum panel sheet is their color choices. In other words, it is possible to have a variety of colors by using aluminum panels. There are three main categories for ACM panel colors:

  1. The first and the most used standard colors for aluminum sandwich panels are solid colors. This category offers attractive yet straightforward designs that are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
  2. Another choice for clients is pre-fabricated designs. Most clients prefer this type since they can offer wood, metallic, mirror, and marble patterns. Moreover, there is an option of printing the clients’ customizations and designs for more variety.
  3. Finally, manufacturers have also offered colors for companies. This category is named corporate colors since they provide a unique set of designs for a company.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel; The Ingredients and Its Best Features

Where Can You Use ACM Panels?

The unique features of aluminum sandwich panels have made it possible to use them for various options. For instance, custom house builders and clients use these materials for either interior or exterior applications. As mentioned earlier, depending on the structural properties, the usage can also be different.

Some examples of interior usages are wall partitioning, false ceilings, wall decoration, and kitchen decoration. Examples for exterior uses include wall facade, siding, cladding, advertisement panels, and road signs.

Although it is safe to think that aluminum sandwich panel priority is construction elements, other industries have benefited from using ACM panels. For instance, the transportation industry and the aircraft industry have taken advantage of ACP materials‘ weight, which is exceptionally light.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel; The Ingredients and Its Best Features

Final Thoughts

The taste and the experience we have from our sandwiches mostly depend on the combination of our ingredients. Thus, there has been a successful attempt in making the best possible ingredient in aluminum sandwich panels using the best structural properties.

For this article, we mentioned some of the structural properties of ACM panels. We further explained the ACM panels advantages and their unique features, and we briefly explained their usages.

For more information, we suggest visiting ACM Panel Installation Guide. Yet, if you want to contact our support team and have more details about their price and installation process, feel free to do that.

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