Aluminum Composite Cladding; Advantages and Installation

Aluminum Composite Cladding

Designing and building construction requires precise engineering, and each part of the building is essential for having an engaging and charming look. One of the most crucial aspects of each construction project is the exterior look, which can draw the attention of your customers, guests, or even yourself. Cladding is the process of applying a layer on a building to provide insulation features and also attractiveness. Cladding also plays an imperative role in providing high-quality features. One of these materials is aluminum composite cladding since it can offer great insulation features and improve the buildings’ appearance. Visit Aluminum composite panels for more details.

Aluminum composite cladding consists of aluminum composite panels (ACP). ACP panels have two layers of aluminum, which is sandwiched by the core. The combination of aluminum and the core is essential for providing the qualities of ACM panels. You can visit our newest article about ACP panels for more information. However, for this article, we’ll discuss aluminum composite cladding, its advantages, installation, and why it was banned for a while in some countries. 

Aluminum Composite Cladding

Aluminum Composite Cladding Advantages

Most customers, constructors, and custom house builders use aluminum composite panels because of its advantages. The benefits of ACM panels are so useful that you probably will choose aluminum composite panels for your construction. However, you need to bear that in mind that there are also some disadvantages to use aluminum composite panels, which we’ll get to that soon. First, we recommend visiting Aluminum Sandwich Panel for more details about these materials. 

1. ACM Panel Cost:

The first thing you’ll notice when trying to purchase a construction material is the price. Aluminum composite panels have been able to offer reasonable prices for various usages. Therefore, you can have the cladding at an affordable price. Even if you compare ACM panels with other construction materials, you’ll notice that aluminum composite cladding can save you a tremendous amount of money and offer various features at the same time. You can check our other article about Alpolic Panel Price to gain more information about the price of ACM materials.

Various factors are there to affect the ACM panel cost. Some of them are the core material which could be polyethylene or mineral-filled ones. Moreover, the structural properties are also critical when talking about aluminum composite cladding price. Therefore, you need to consider these as well.

2. Color Choice: 

The choice of color is as important as the price of cladding material. No one likes to have the dull color of aluminum composite cladding materials. With that in mind, aluminum sandwich panels have offered numerous color choices for more ACP cladding variety. Moreover, there are some other options apart from the solid colors. The unique structural properties of aluminum composite panels have made it possible to use customizations and different finishes for cladding. Furthermore, if you are involved in a business, you can print your company logo or choose corporate colors for attracting customers. The color choice is not the only factor. For more information, you can check Aluminum Panel.

Aluminum Composite Cladding

3. Durability and Versatility: 

One of the essential requirements of cladding material is durability. Aluminum composite panels have outstanding durability and rigidness, which is not easy to find in any other composite elements. The structural properties of ACM panels, particularly the core element, is the reason that ACM panels have excellent durability. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a very cold area or the sunshine is driving you crazy, you can always trust aluminum composite cladding for durability and surviving against the harshest weather conditions. 

Though a durable material may not have flexibility, aluminum composite panels have successfully provided both durability and flexibility. This has been made possible with the correct usages of coating materials and structural properties. Furthermore, the flexibility of aluminum composite panels has helped them with a straightforward installation. For more information, you can visit aluminum cladding for more info.

4. Lightweight:

A cladding material weight is essential for a flawless installation. Aluminum composite cladding can further offer lightweight since it’s a vital property for every cladding material. Though it’s hard to believe that a lightweight material is also durable, aluminum composite panels use a unique structure to achieve such an exceptional characteristic. The lightweight material is not only useful for applications such as cladding, providers also apply it to other industries such as the transportation and aircraft industry. Visit Toronto Aluminum Composite Panel for more info.

5. Heat and Sound Insulation:

The purpose of having a cladding material is to provide insulation in addition to having a charming design. This has been made possible with the usage of correct materials in the ACM panel structure. These materials include protective film, color coating, aluminum skin, and mill finish. Another use of aluminum composite panels is wall partitioning and false ceilings, where insulation has a vital role. If you combine aluminum composite cladding with double-glazed windows, you can further increase the insulation properties of ACM panels. 

Aluminum Composite Cladding

ACM Panel Cladding Installation:

Aluminum composite cladding installation is pretty straightforward. In other words, ACM panel installation might not be easy to get done by yourself, but your provider can do it in a couple of days without causing any problem. However, some essential tips are necessary for the installation process of ACM panels. For instance, it is required to seal the panels correctly; otherwise, there is a possibility that panels will leak water in severe weather conditions. Aluminum composite panels are built to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions. We can assure you that the durability of aluminum composite materials is suitable for cladding and other applications. 

The installation process of ACM panels indoor and outdoor is not the same. Due to the extreme conditions possible within outdoor usages, the installation requires more rigid materials, observations, and skills. You can visit the ACM panel installation for more information. In the mentioned article, we have discussed the indoor and outdoor installation of aluminum composite panels. Take a note that it’s always best to give the installation process to the experts. Our experts are also availalbe in any time for your construction projects. You can just give us a call.

Aluminum Composite Cladding

Aluminum composite cladding ban:

As mentioned earlier, aluminum composite cladding has also some disadvantages like any other construction material. The aluminum composite cladding ban has been controversial for the past few days. The main problem with ACM panels relates to their core material. Some governments have banned ACM panel polystyrene core due to their fire safety issue. It is believed that polystyrene can quickly spread the fire and is not suitable for aluminum composite cladding. However, some governments allow polystyrene for one or two-floor buildings where the risk is less. For more information, you can visit polystyrene aluminum composite panels. 

For making this much more accessible and for using ACM panel cladding in high-floor buildings, most manufacturers have tried other core materials for their products. Therefore, you can see fire-retardant materials in the ACM panel cores. For instance, some providers prefer to use honeycomb or mineral-filled core for protecting the buildings against spreading fire. Though fire-retardant elements might make your project safer, they cost more and you will require to spend more money on them. However, the quality is note-worthy. 

To figure out whether polystyrene aluminum composite cladding is banned in your country or not, you can contact your provider for more information. Some countries and states have different restrictions, and therefore aluminum composite cladding panel is banned, particularly the polystyrene core. 

ACM Panel Suppliers: 

Aluminum composite cladding suppliers have increased for the past decade. Today, more than 200 major companies are available, and the number of suppliers is not even possible to count. The first company to invent aluminum composite materials was 3A Composites. The company had the patent for more than two decades, and since the 1990s, more manufacturers have managed to produce ACM panel products.

The aluminum composite cladding industry has been more popular recently. More clients, constructors, and custom house builders use aluminum panels as their primary cladding material due to its high qualities. The industry has proven to be successful, and it is estimated that it will grow by 6% in 2022.

Aluminum Composite Cladding

Final Words:

In this article, we tried to explain more about aluminum composite cladding. ACM panels have various applications and usages; the main one can be cladding. Qualities such as flexibility, durability, and different color choices are the main reasons that aluminum composite materials are applied for cladding. Apart from all these features, ACM panels can be considered budget-friendly, which helps you select aluminum composite material for any construction project. You can still visit aluminum composite panels for more in-depth review of these materials.

The installation process of construction materials is also vital for any project. Another reason for the popularity of aluminum composite panels is their ease of installation. ACM Panels are pretty straightforward to install and are not going to waste a lot of your time. Finally, we talked about the aluminum composite cladding ban and its reason. Be sure to be in contact with your manufacturer for more information. Our experts in Wiedehopf are also available for any questions you might have. Just contact us, and we’ll help you as much as we can. 

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