The Best Exterior Wood Polymer Cladding Designs

There are few materials out there that can compete with the look of wood cladding. You could be aiming for a look that is warm, cozy, elegant, exotic, retro, or futuristic–the odds are there is a species of wood that will meet the bill for what you are after. 

The Best Exterior Design Styles For Wood Polymer Cladding

But as anyone with a coveted wood-clad home will tell you–it is a lot of work and costly to keep exteriors like these looking like they just came from the mill. Fortunately, there is a cladding material out there that will help you forgo the hassle–while still letting you achieve the wooden exterior design you have been dreaming of!

It is called wood polymer cladding–and it may be the best material innovation since people first figured out how to chop down trees.

Wood Polymer Cladding Design Ideas

Wood Polymer Cladding Design Ideas

Wood polymer cladding is crafted with careful attention to detail that matches the finish, grain, texture, and color of the world’s most exorbitant and cherished species of wood. As a composite, wood polymer cladding takes a giant leap beyond the durability of the wood it so perfectly emulates.

Rotting, warping, staining, fading, and scratches–wood polymer cladding knows nothing of these woes. The coolest part–it is all made possible by recycled materials: a sustainable choice!

Wood has been in the cladding game since the very start–so there is an expansive selection of styles to play with when you are shooting for a wood polymer cladding exterior design.

Here are just a few of the best–to get those creative juices flowing and help you land on the ideal look for you–whether you are looking for residential property cladding that stands out, a commercial property exterior design that pleases customers, or an intricate style that will be uniquely yours.

Mid-Century Modern

Between the end of the Second World War and the onset of the seventies, wood enjoyed a fervid golden age in both the exterior and interior design space.

Wood Polymer Cladding Design Ideas: Mid-Century Modern

A war-torn world finally at peace–architects began working on optimizing and beautifying our buildings–particularly in response to the sudden emergence of suburban life. The aim was a return to simplicity and nature–making wood the obvious choice for such a goal.

Warm colors, big windows, and creatively-angled gabled roofs became the norm–and wood of all stains and colors became the go-to primary cladding material. Architects took a creative risk on the suburbs–and found a model for effective exterior designs that could stand out from the pack.

But like many of the hippies at Woodstock, the years have not been kind to most of the original mid-modern buildings. Wood rots warp, and is loved by pests–these buildings that were once considered modern became relics far quicker than their brick and mortar contemporaries.

Wood Polymer Cladding Design Ideas: Mid-Century Modern

The issue was not the look–which in the 21st century manages to balance nostalgia with innovation. The problem was on the material level. Now, in the emergence of a resilient, durable, and long-lasting material like wood polymer composite, the mid-modern home is back with a vengeance.

In a suburban market that has become cluttered with cookie-cutter homes, the time is right for a new wave of mid-modern homes made possible by wood polymer cladding.


In a similar vein to mid-mod design, the last half-century has been a boom for Scandinavian architecture.

Focused on earthy tones, sharp angles, and resilience against the harsh climate of Northern Europe. Since the era of the Vikings, the region’s constituent peoples have had an affinity with the earth that is expressed most often in their buildings. This makes the natural look of wood siding quite common in Scandinavian design.

As wood polymer was emerging close to the turn of this century, its first test became the snowy, rainy, cold, and (depending on the time of year) abnormally sunny environment north of the baltic sea. Affording a reliable Rainscreen, the all-around protection of the composite material’s polymer cap was found to excel in the task.

Wood Polymer Cladding Design Ideas: Scandinavian

Contemporary Scandinavian design–a close sister to the mid-century modern craze occurring simultaneously in the west–takes a similar approach when it comes to simplicity and synergy with the natural world.

It distinguishes itself in a love for pastel tones, stark contrast between light and dark woods, and sharp and boxy frames that take simplicity to a whole new level. For this minimalism–these designs have been able to outlast the relevance of the mid-mod building, acting as a soothing blank slate that could fit in any context.

In simplicity, the most subtle details pack a great punch. The batten effect became a tool for architects to create soothing patterns and add depth to their walls. As wood polymer emerged, manufacturers were quick to stock castellated profiles that afforded this look with an installation process that was easier than ever.

The result is a calming and spa-like aesthetic that could make a person feel cozy, safe, and happy even in the middle of a frozen wasteland. This makes the Scandinavian look an effective choice for commercial property around the world.

Easy on the eyes and to maintain–this so-simple-its-genius look makes for a unique and tasteful customer experience that does not distract from the business occurring within.

Lath Design

Wood Polymer Cladding Design Ideas: Lath Design

Less of a broader movement–like the last two examples–this cladding style is more of a specific design flair that can be used to varying effects. More and more the architects who are working with wood polymer cladding are utilizing laths to create depth in their exterior designs.

A lath is a slim strip of wood (or in this case, wood composite) that can be used to accent the cladding of a building.

The use of wood polymer composite laths in exterior design can be reserved for subtle touches, or make up the primary feature of the aesthetic. These are usually spaced out, adding patterns and shadows that jump off of the base cladding material.

Wood Polymer Cladding Design Ideas: Lath Design

There are many use cases–whether you are looking for something to accent your exterior walls, form unique soffits, or create privacy while still letting the sunlight in.

Especially useful in commercial residential spaces such as condos and apartments, wood polymer composite laths can be used to form spaces that blur the lines between exterior and interior design. Half wall and half-open window to the outside world–this is another case of wood polymer opening the door to many creative designs.

Get Started With Wood Polymer Cladding Design!

Hopefully, these beautiful exterior design examples are enough to get the ball rolling in your mind about what wood polymer composite can do for your home or commercial property!

Get Started With Wood Polymer Cladding Design!

The beauty is that when you work with a material as customizable, flexible, and reliable as wood polymer–you can design cladding in a way that’s exactly yours. Wiedehopf’s innovative design team continues to grow in excitement for all that can be done with this material – and our drawing board keeps asking if it can be the birthplace of your next exterior design!

Beyond the concept, Wiedehopf has the tools, resources, and expertise to handle everything from supply to final installation. Give us a call at +1(905) 761 9791 or visit our wood polymer cladding website today–we cannot wait to hear about your vision!

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