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Aluminum composite panel is known as ACP Panel or a sandwiched panel whose characteristics are remarkable compared to other cladding materials. It has a core between two layers of aluminum, which has various types. The core material has the most significant impact on ACP’s reaction to heat. ACP’s with a 30% or more polymer core is less resistant to fire than those with more percentage of mineral materials in their core. When the panel is subjected to heat, a chemical reaction takes place at its core. The less it reacts to heat, the better because it provides time for evacuation of the building and the rescue teams to respond in time. There are codes and rules for the use of ACP panel as the facade material in different buildings with different heights. For more information, you can visit our main page about aluminum composite panel.

On the other hand, one of the best characteristics of this material is its weather resistance. Some countries like Canada have more than six months of cold weather, and it is essential to choose materials that are resistant to heat and different weather conditions. Sound insulation is important, too, especially in new buildings and crowded cities. If you are interested to know more about the ACP, here are some useful facts and features. For more information, you can visit our in-depth article about Aluminum Panel.

ACP Panel

Types of the aluminum composite panel (ACP) Available in offbeat colors and finishes

A variety of colors and patterns is essential for architectural materials such as internal and external usages. The color difference between the layers is less than 1 % in the two aluminum pieces. Mirror, wooden and marble finishes are also available in addition to different colors. Therefore, there are generally three main categories of colors available:

  1. Solid Colors: This is the most common type of color for those who prefer simplicity with charming designs.
  2. Customizations: For having your own design, you can choose and select your own type of design. That’s why this category is also common and popular among customers. Some examples are marble, mirror, wooden, and metallic finishes as previously mentioned.
  3. Corporate colors: Another type of color choice for customers is corporate colors which is essentially sets of ACP panel colors for businessmen.

lightweight and easy to care

The lightweight of the aluminum composite panel makes it a popular material all around the world. Architecture and coworkers love to work with ACP panels because of the smooth displacement of these panels. It is easy to cut, drill, punch, fix, and bonding.

Having simple maintenance after installation is also essential, and for this material, maintenance is straightforward. For instance, the surface is anti-dirt. So, for cleaning, you need only water with no special detergent. For more information, you can check ACM Panel Installation Guide where we tried to give more details about the installation process.

ACP Panel

ACP panels have a high lifetime

These panels are recyclable. Even more, if caught in the fire, all the dash returns to eco. Aluminum composite panels have a long life, and their durability is exceptional. When used in cold climates, ACP panel durability shows its great importance. Therefore, always try to go for a durable material in each construction project.

High resistance and excellent price

ACP panels have high insulation in harsh weather, loud sound, and rainy situations. Heat insulation helps to keep the head as desirable as possible in your building. In Canada, cold weather days are more than warm days, so keeping hot weather is a problem if your building doesn’t have a good facade or wall cladding. ACP panel with high resistance makes it easy for you. Sound insulation is essential too. There is a gap between aluminum surfaces that helps to reduce extra sounds that are more than 35 dB. In the end, house owners know water and humidity are a big challenge. Water can destroy your building quickly. You must keep your house away from the water leakage. Also, having a reasonable price is a fundamental issue when choosing a material. Aluminum composite panel price can help you.

ACP Panel

Different models of ACP Panels

As mentioned earlier, Aluminum composite panels have different cores. The central core decides the usage of the ACP panel. Some kinds of ACP panels cores are PE, FR (Fire-retardant), and Honeycomb:

PE: This model has more than 30% polyethylene, so it is not fireproof, and it is not suitable for dangerous places like kitchens, restaurants, and high-rise buildings. For more information about this common type of aluminum panels, you can check Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panels.

FR: They have less than 10 % polyethylene in the central core, so it has excellent fire resistance. Fire retardant materials are mostly advisable for exterior usages and applications where fire safety plays an important role.

HONEYCOMB: Honecomb cores have no polyethylene; instead, they have an aluminum honeycomb core. They are also considered an FR core however, due to their high quality, most providers prefer to use them for special projects.

If you want to use it in risky places like the kitchen or, in other words, you want to have a safe place; the best choice is aluminum honeycomb or fire-retardant materials.

ACP Panel

Where can we use the ACP panel?

Facade and balcony

Usually, the use of ACP is a facade. Facades can play a significant role in the beauty and price of the building. Architectures love working with ACP panels. Doing some sophisticated designs is easy for them by the use of an ACP panel. Large and vast panels are another reason for architecture to have an affection for these panels. Dust is removed from your building comfortably especially when you use PVDF coating in the ACP panel. The balcony is also covered by ACP to have unique appeal to your building.

Public places, airports, and malls

Malls and big salons like airports need to have suitable conditions in every season of the year, whether its winter or summer. So, ACP panel with high resistance to harsh weather helps to keep the weather pleasant in every season and condition. Another matter is the durability of the material in public usages. ACP panels are highly durable and can withstand stressful situations. For more information, you can also visit ACP Cladding.

Indoor and outdoor

Interior and exterior decoration and cladding are other usages of ACP panels. You can use it to cover your room walls with a flower pattern or every pattern that you want. For instance, the wooden design is gorgeous and can be used for your garden walls. For indoor usages, it is advisable to use PE coating and core elements since fire safety is not as important as outdoor usages.

ACP panel Outdoor usage is also common within the world of construction. Most providers offer aluminum composite panels for applications such as Cladding, signage, road signs, advertisement panels, and the transportation industry.

Advertisement and signboards

A signboard is another usage of the ACP panel. Being lightweight and durability are essential reasons to use ACP panels for signs. On the other hand, advertisement boards need massive and lightweight materials with high strength and economical prices. As you probably know, advertisement boards are enormous, so installation is hard. With ACP panels, the challenging installation of advertisement boards can become an effortless task. Moreover, there is the possibility of using ACP panel with your own logo and deign. For more info, please read Aluminum Composite Sheet.

ACP Panel

Sum up

ACP panels are useful in the industry and buildings. It is not harmful to our green Earth, and in some cases, it is fireproof. Furthermore, colorful panels are fantastic, and designers are free to design whatever they want. Old buildings reconstruction has been more effortless by ACP panels. The panel has high quality and makes house owners enjoy their structure. Additionally, flatness is critical to use for intricate designs. The thickness of these panels is about 2 mm up to 5 mm. They are considered as one of the best, among other building materials.

Our architects and advisor are experts in making the right decision for your project. Trust us.

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